First Shroom Trip

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by KingsBlend, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. Friday night, I was chilling with my friends who already took some shrooms an hour ago. We went downtown to chill and smoke. Later my dealer hooks me up with some shrooms while we are sitting and smoking at this dark little platuea near a hugh train station. Being already high the shrooms didnt taste that bad, but I only had like 1 gram. For the past 20 mins we been seeing this weird guy in camo pants and black leather jacket walking with his legs all stiff and his chest pushed out, he looked very suspicious. We started to joke around that he was high on like meth or something. After I eat the shrooms, we joke around that he might try to kill us, since this place we are at is like dark and stuff. Then we see he as a hugh 8 inch blade in his hand, and I'm like "Oh shit", my friends are like "dont look at him man" , the guys is still walking around the area. So we decide to go inside the train station. It has a Subway still open, we go in and I buy a sandwich for my munchies and my dealer gives me another 2.5 grams of shrooms which I put in a Subway Sandwich right infront of the clerk/cashier there, its like 12am too. Later we hop on a bus nearby and the wierd guy with the knife runs up to the bus while its leaving and screams with the knife up in the air, then runs away laughing. Kinda freaky on shrooms :p
  2. Sounds like the worst situation to be trippin for the first time man, If that was me on my frist trip I would have been not wan't to be in public, because boy I was Trippin' like a Mofo.
  3. ya no shit

    my first trip i would have been no where near anyone

    i still wont eat a full eigth and be around people

    after i peak i usually do go wonder around though
  4. That dude sounds like he was twacked out.
  5. oh ya, i got the feeling he was on meth, alot of those people around here unfortunately. atleast the rest of my night was pretty chill, dave chappelle is really entertaining on mush.

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