First Shroom Trip(long)

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    So Me, and my three friends have been wanting to do shrooms for a while, and when we finally got ahold of them, we planned a day to do them when no body would be home. So it would be me and my three friends, with one sitter , all of us doing a half eighth(First time). So We all woke up early, around 7:30, and ate them with toast and penut butter, and to our delight, they didnt taste bad at all, maybe the equivalent of dry straw. Then we all proceeded to sit on my friends couch and chill, waiting for the effects to happen. I sat there, listening to some chill music, and every once in a while, i would close my eyes for a few minutes, and then open them back up to see if thigns changed, and each time, thiings appeared a little more strange, but i couldnt really firgure out what it was. Then, i closed my eyes for a good 5 minutes, and when i opened my eyes, i was welcomed to amazing visuals, and slight giggles. I looked at my friends mothers patchwork that was hung on the wall, and it appeared to play mind tricks with me, waving around like a flag. Then to my disappointment, my ipod died, so i entertained myself by looking at the ceiling and coming upon the conclusion that the whole room had a concrete, grounded part to it, and then, there were the superficial layers of everything, that seemed to glide over the fixed layer, like your skin over your skull.

    I tried to get up, and found that i was slightly wobbly, but in a fun way, and as soon as i got up, my friends decided to follow, and we found ourselves walking into my friends backyard.Because it was early in the morning, the bad weather hadnt hit, and it was clear and brisk out, with fluffy stratus-like clouds. Everything i saw was magnified in its beauty, and it seemd as if my eyes had a filter on them, making all of my surroundings out to a mario-like texture. I continued to fascinate myself, looking at my friends pine tree, and imagining it to be some sort of underwater weed, that gently swayed in the oceans current. I then made my way to his grass, which was a spectacular sight. It seemed as if specific strands of grass were slowly growing out of the ground, setting themselves apart from the shorter strands of grass. It was almost mezmerizing to just look at the grass, and stare in awe as it continually growed. Everyone pulled up lawn chairs and began to share their enthusiastic ideas of how this "new" world appeared to them.

    This was my chance to break loose from everyone and try a few things out. I made my way up my friends stairs, which wasnt as exciting as ithought it would be, and as i was walking to my friends room, his white poodle caught my eye. Rosy(his poodle), never really liked my, and as soon as i sat down next to her, she stared at me menacingly and growled. At first i was startled, but then realized that she was just scared, so i comforted her by petting her strange growing hair, and amused myself by smelling her(haha.) Then i made the mistake of picking her up, which caused her to pee all over, and caused me to jump and then scream. After recovering, i finally made it to my friends room, where i turned on his X-Box and play Grand theft auto. This too, wasnt as amusing as i thought it would be, and after a few minutes, decided not to waste my time with it. I layed on my friends bed, and let myself "go". At that moment, i felt as if i was becoming a part of his bed, as i slowly sank into his covers. I shifted my position, and after a few seconds, i could hear a distant noise that sounded like a jet engine, which continually got louder, and louder, and i finally got so scared that i shook my head and it disappeared.

    Looking around, i saw that my friends closet had a mirror on it, and so i entertained myself, looking into the mirror.At first it was entertaining, until i looked long enough to find that i wasnt actually staring at me, but instead, i was staring at an old albino man! It scared the living shit out of me, and i looked down to see that my hands too, were aged and wrinkled. I swiftly left my friends room, and decided to take a peek in the bathroom. The bathroom was even more intense than his bedroom. I looked very closely into the mirror, and could see 2, then 3, then 10, then 25 pimples grow onto my face. I pulled my head back a bit so i wouldnt see the fine details, and as i stared at the center of my forehead, i could see my entire face split into two. It was amazing, and was as if i was being cut in half, but then whenever i would looked directly at the point of incision, it would mend itself back together. After an intense fifteen minute period of just staring into the mirror, i decided to be social and join the rest of my friends downstairs on the couch.

    This is when the real fun happened. i resumed my seat on the couch, and played some chill music, and just stared at the ceiling, which entertained me with complex shapes that danced before my eyes, all the while the whole ceiling changing colors, from green, to purple, to blue, to red. It was truly amazing. I tried eating a portion of a candy cane, which didnt work out too well, because i eventually forgot it was in my mouth, and when i remembered, i had forgotten it was a candy cane, and had a hard time extracting the slimy object from my mouth with my fingers(gross!). All the while, my friends were running around, enjoying themselves.

    My lips were extremely chapped, so i went with one of my friends to his car to get some chap stick. We ended up playing music in his car, and that is when the shrooms took over my emotions, and i started to wonder about life. I started to worry about all the responsibilities i had in life and how i didnt want them all. It really was disappointing to think of college and life after college and how i really didnt want to be stuck with a job i wouldnt like. This whole time, i totally forgot that it was the shrooms that were talking, not me, and when i realized that, i was able to look beyond my emotions and enjoy myself. After running around the grass and feeling total ecstacy, i decided to wind down and take some pictures with my new camera, all of which seemed to be very professional(although i look back and they werent even that good, haha.)

    Inside, i turned on my friends laptop and turned on the itunes visualizer, which turned out to be truly amazing. The visualizer seemed to tell a story, that matched perfectly with the movements it made.after about 4 1/2 hours from when i ingested the shrooms, i finally began to feel myself come down. I went outside, and it was as if a toggle switch was turned off, and i immediately sobered up. After a trip to KFC and a four hour nap, i felt totally rejuvenated with absolutely no afterglow effects, and extremely glad that i had taken the shrooms. So now, the next time i do shrooms, i plan on either doing .5 more than i did last time, or, if i think im ready, ill just do the whole eighth.(sorry for grammatical erros, i didnt do any editing)
    Well, thats my story of shrooms, tell me what you think :]
  2. wow that is one big wall of text
  3. damn long read but pretty awesome

    good storytelling skills

    pretty cool you did so much and exposed yourself to so many different settings

  4. Yeah, when i was on shrooms, there were soo many things that i wanted to do, and it seemed that time decided to go quickly instead of the acclaimed "Slow time"
  5. man i couldnt finish that...sounds sick from what i read though.

    dude, next time you shroom, throw a water mellon...just trust me, its like 10x better then grass man....i will remember that sight for the rest of my life haha
  6. Could oyu please break that up into paragraphs?

    Thats just too much of a wall of text for me to tackle, would give me a head ache.
  7. can yyou seperate it all into paragraphs and stuff?
    i really wana read it but i can't stay on track because im too baked.

  8. haha throw a watermelon? besied it being kind of messy, i think that would be pretty spectacular. although everything is pretty spectacular.

    The next time i do shrooms, i want to pick out a good movie and watch the whole thing. Then i wanna smoke a fat ass blunt, haha
  9. yeah man, its so fuckin cool watching that shit, like go slow motion to the ground, then just fuckin splatter everywhere, oh man it was so worth it haha....wasnt even that bad cleaning it up, it felt and looked hella wierd haha.

    idk if i could sit and watch an entire movie shrooming, it seemed like i would go to one rooim, sit and talk to everyone for 5 minutes, go to another room and do the same thing, but i didnt try and watch TV at all, mabey it looks hella trippy, idk haha

  10. will do :]
  11. holy shit that was a long post, but sounded like an awesome trip. I can't wait to do shrooms.
  12. haha yeah i was wayy too preoccupied, interesting myself with random everyday objects. we turned on sponge bob square pants, but ended up pausing it for 2 hours and forgetting about it, all the while, i would look up to see sponge bobs head, fozen, and slowly dragging to one side, haha.
  13. Thanks for breaking it up.

    Good read, sounds like you had a good time. Gratz on realising that theres better ways to spend oyur time than playing video games while tripping.

    And realize that emotions that do come to you ARE you, not the mushrooms, they may be pushed by the mushrooms, or intensified by thme, but in the end its all you.

    Good to see you had a pleasent experience, and hope oyu will have more that will continue to let oyu grow as a person.
  14. Thanks man. Yeah i guess it does essentially break down to it being my emotions, jsut amplified by the shrooms.
    I can definately see how shrooms will give you a better outlook on life, and potentially change you for the positive
  15. damn that sounds intensely crazy. thanks for straightninig it up.
    damn im soo baked fucked. i wana do shrooms. i just can't find anyone that has any. i' don't even know how i'd handle all that. just reading what you went thru sounded intense to me.
  16. i would definitely go up by .5 increments until you get to the 8th....i made the mistake of going right from a low dose to an 8th for my second time because my first trip was so amazing...the 8th was just a different world and I wasnt ready for it (though I still had an overall good trip, there was about an hour where i just felt like i wanted it all to end...but the trip was about 6-7 hours long from what i remember so it wasnt too bad just really intense)

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