first shroom trip.. didnt really trip

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by blackjack, May 26, 2009.

  1. so me and 4 friends bought a half-eighth of shrooms to each of us.
    we covered them with chocolate syrup and drank them with orange juice.
    waited a good 30 minutes, and went for a walk together.
    about 20 minutes after we started walking, we all started to feel a little nauseous and took on a drunken/buzzed feel.
    it was 3 guys, including myself, and 2 girls.
    all 3 of us guys threw up and RIGHT AFTER throwing up, we started feeling REALLY weird.
    very very mild hallucinations. personally it felt like i was just buzzed of alcohol.
    i felt really really happy and glad to be with my friends, laughing, talking, and having a good time, but honestly none of us saw any true visuals or real hallucinations.

    kind of disappointing.
    maybe just some shitty shrooms or what do you think?

    one of the girls said she didnt trip what-so-ever, and the other girl felt like she was on triple C's.
  2. try eating a quarter next time, you'll have a better experience for sure.
  3. Didn't eat enough should of had a full 8th
  4. yeah from a teenth you always feel on the verge of tripping but never quite break loose. Unless their some super potent boomers.
  5. Yeah, half an eighth between five people sounds like you didn't take nearly enough to really trip.
  6. First post is bang on homie.
  7. Umm it looks like he said every one had half an eighth but mabey my grammar is off, but yea dude half an eighth got me trippin idk what shit you had tho :confused:

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