First Shroom Experience!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Cky26K, Apr 18, 2004.

  1. Sat. was my first time tryin shrooms, and it was crazy. I stayed up all night watchin movies at my friends house, and then he went into another room, i followed him... AND WE BOTH SAW 2 FACES ON A VENTILATION PIPE!!! it was crazy... i would have liked them to be more potent... but for the amt that me and my buddy got... it was all good =D
  2. How much did you take to your head?

    I took 4 grams last on friday and it was extremely fun.
  3. First time I did it was last monday, an eighth of chocolates. It was messed up. We went down the museum, and were driving around downtown looking for parking. You know how your supposed to wait for oncoming traffic before you turn left, this one big black SUV came around us while we were waiting to turn left and smashed right into the driver's door of this little red car. The window smashed all in her face and everything. Then we smoked a bowl and went to an IMAX about beavers. Good times.
  4. i remember the last time i had shrooms... ugh it was a sleepless night :D i dont know what it is in grams but whatever a quarter ounce is thats what i ate minus this huge stem that i wated to chomp on till like 2 hours later when i was buzzen.... hehe yup it was a fun night :D

  5. 7 grams
  6. 7 grams of mushrooms would annhiliate me
  7. yeah..... 7 grams would be nuts for me. i think i could handle 5-6 at the most. but when i shroom i dont like to do shit........ id rather sit in the dark just chillin with three or 4 other people trippin.
  8. that's insane, must not be very great shrooms if you can handle that much.

    I ate 1.5g of really DAMN good shrooms on friday, my first trip ever, on anything. It was a great experience, seemed really profound and tons of fun. I just felt soo damn good about everything around me, it was weird. I didn't have enough to see shit that wasn't there, but everything I looked at was crazy and moving . . . it was sweet, especially out in the woods as it got dark and all this fog rolled in.

    I still have an equal amount for whenever I want to do it again. If my friends were around and it wasn't raining, I'd eat em today.

    7g of these shrooms would mess you up so severely. My one friend ate 3.5g of them another day, didn't know who he was or where he was, bit his older brother on the arm and went on a rant about how he was jesus and martain luther king and he was in a jungle.

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