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  1. here are some shots of them 4 days into flowering cycle, theyre still transplant shocked and a bit pissy from watering a little too much last time. since these pics ive given them a tea and they have showed me theyre quite happy with me now. new room i built from scrap wood and a 2face sheet. and 1000w cool tube with a 452 6' vortex exhausting a 4.5x5.5x7 room. strains are OR licorice, blue dream pheno 1 and 2, and pitbull. now on day 15. new pics posted soon

    my previous plan to use a recycled soil got screwed by my cat so i broke down and got some roots organics (please not in the face:eek:) but i added a ton of better ewc and a cup of each
    kelp meal
    alfalfa meal
    crab shell meal
    rock phos
    oyster shell
    glacial rock dust
    neem seed meal

    watered down with some molasses and kelp tea cooked for a week

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  2. so were on day 23 today, these pics were from day 21 in the flowering and my veg/mother room. the cold down there is kickin my ass and its snowed today sheesh. I made a few changes to the set up. Ive taken some black plastic and hooked up the umbrella hood to my 400w and made a tent out of it. the tent was getting too small. but the tent will be turned into a clone nursery and moms will stay in the larger tent. so far theyre happy with the change. getting reflective material for it soon as well. dont mind the haggard stick of a plant hangin out there ha ha. thats an attemted rescue of a friends purple goo mother plant that got over cut and stressed. shes got some green and shes been slowly comin out of shock so if i can get her back just enough to take some cuts and start up a new mom then im doing well. ive done it before so well see.. shes ugly now tho ha ha also that other pic is the starts of the or lic. already purple:cool:

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  3. Beautiful plants, man. They look really happy. :smoke:

  4. My cat killed my lime tree a few years ago :( Had to special order it, took a year to produce even a handful of limes and then he decided it was a great litter box and it died within weeks. Right around the time I figured out what was going on :(
  5. [quote name='"mrsmichigan"']

    My cat killed my lime tree a few years ago :( Had to special order it, took a year to produce even a handful of limes and then he decided it was a great litter box and it died within weeks. Right around the time I figured out what was going on :([/quote]

    Yeah I used about 13 gal of the mix and "flushed" it and let it sit for a few weeks in a 15gal root organics pot. Gave it an ewc/kelp meal tea and decided that the 8 clones in my Cloner that looked about dead but had roots could sit in there together. I figured if some make it then awesome but I'm not out much if they dont. 6 of them now blowing up. All of them blue dream. So this will be my clone stock until it's unmanagable then I'll scrog them.

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  6. k so day 30, managed to get the temps up by screwing with exaust fan. its rated way higher than the space i have so the temp stayed low. so i have an extra timer that runs in 15min intervals so i have it turning on for 15 every hour durring lights off and then alternating on/off every 15 min while lights are on and i got the temps up to about 72 durring lights on and drops to 60 when off. the room temp of the whole basement has been 55 strong for a while now. and i also have a pic of that purple goo im trying to save. shes green again and stretching out of the flowering state it started to go into. im hoping i get her goin again she smells really sweet.
    anyways. dopped a little bit of water in this morning and started a kelp/alfalfa tea bubbling so ill give em a little of that in the coming days

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  7. so day 38 movement is still slow but steadily speeding up. just gave them a mix of 4 cups ewc and 3tbsp of bio fish and kelp with a little brown sugar (out of molasses) and aloe juice. i also took an old ass bat wing hood and some galvanized wire and mounted it to the cool tube. it fit like a glove. heres a few quick pics of or lic and blue dream.

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  8. ok latest update. so the calander says day 44 today but my plants are telling me a different story. they look well an all , not perfect but seeing the second phase of flowering so late has me a bit concerned about my soil mix so back to the drawing board there... ran into a severe problem this morning tho. turns out my old timers internal parts are waring out and getting stuck and wont trip the switch. my timer for the lights is in sink with the fan. so the lights been staying on for idk how long while the fan is timed to stay off for the first 3hrs of lights off (so the temp goes down slowly) but it was 105 in there when i saw the lights still on at 8. i switched the timers synced them back up and now im cooking with grease. enjoy the bud porn.

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  9. Hey heretik,

    Wow! You got some dense girlz there, especially that purple-leafed monster in the back! Your going to have a fun time trimming that baby, but I'll bet she's worth it. :D

    Nice work! :hello:

    See ya...
  10. Thanx man. The pitbull that you're referring to is a pain to trim. she's just so leafy but trichs all over so sometimes I'll get lazy and just leave em. Still smokes well.
  11. That's why God made hash screeners. :D
  12. [quote name='"papawayne"']

    That's why God made hash screeners. :D[/quote]

    God had nothing do with that, I made my own bubble hash bags ha ha but yeah I know what ya mean
  13. installed my extra cooled hood with a 400w hps so i could spread them out a bit more and get some extra light/airflow in there. im thinking its about time i got a new hps bulb too. the 1000w isnt even as bright as the 400. i skimped on the bulb this time around so that explains why it went out so fast. gonna hit the bulb store here soon and get that sucker changed coming soon
  14. Geez one thing after another this time around. Two different timers go tits up on me and I replaced it with a good one finally but the damage is done. I see now how things kept going back into veg. Everyday the timer stayed on a little longer than the night before and just fucked the cycle all up. The licorice doesn't seem to mind much but the pitbull is just piss poor. I know I still have a ways to go but being this far along I should have giant tops goin crazy. Learning what I've done wrong is easy but trying to repeat what I've done right is my biggest challenge to date.
  15. day 50/51 i gave em a tea of 2cups bio dynamic compost (bu blend) with 2 tbsp of crab shell and kelp meal, with 4tbsp molasses and 2 tbsp of agave nectar, bubbled 3gals for 20hrs then stirred in some root zone innoculant and added some aloe vera and hygrozyme. i think they approved of my recipe dont you?

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  16. No love ha ha ha
  17. Heh...everybody's filing their taxes this week. Not a lot of love to go around, I'm afraid. :(

    But your plants do look good, my man. I especially like the purple. Looks sexy! :D

    See ya...
  18. Im a single dad and get a grip of cash come tax time so my taxes are finished and ready to send in the first week of January ha ha ha but I feel ya. This grow isn't coming out as planned bt I've done some moving around and made some changes here and there next run will have more of the kinks worked out. My new soil mix for one is my first official from scratch soil that's cookin as we speak.vno bagge soil as a base or anything strait sphag with amendments. I'll post recipe once all ingredients have been added an I'm happy with the final consistency. Lava rocks were too big making it clumpy and I'll need more pumice/perilite and a wetting agent is much needed
  19. well things have caught up pretty well so far in day 53. i set up the cloner in the tent and took 8 experimental "qwerkys" 8 blue dreams and 8 or licorice cuts. the solution is 5gal of ro water 30ml of kln and 30 ml of hygrozyme. spraying with aloe and water 2-3x a day. some top shots of the oregon licorice. man i love this plant. she just loves my soil if you cant tell.

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