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    Hello everyone. I am a medical marijuana patient doing my first ever attempt at growing. I have been lurking for a couple weeks or so and have read some books and watched many hours of you tube grow vids. My little 3'X4' grow tent set up is up and running with 6 clones purchased from my local collective. Three are Mr. Nice and the other three are Hawaiian OG. I am running a 600w digital ballast with a metal halide lamp for vegging and a high pressure sodium for flowering when and hopefully if the time comes.... Here is a pic of my overall set up.
    1sr Grow 001 (Medium).jpg

    I bought the clones on Friday evening and transplanted them into 3 qt pots with soil the next morning after leaving them in their party cups and rock wool about 40 inches under the metal halide lamp overnight. Here is a pic of all 6 plants.
    1sr Grow 003 (Medium).jpg

    As you can see, I am having trouble with yellowing leaves, some of the clones came with yellow leaves and some seem to be just starting to yellow. There are also spots on some of the leaves. I did use nutes at half strength to water them after the transplant. I also sprayed them lightly with Einstein (neem) oil before I brought them into my grow room on the advice of my local hydro shop. Here are the three Mr. Nice plants.
    1sr Grow 006 (Medium).jpg

    Here are the Hawaiian OGs.
    1sr Grow 009 (Medium).jpg

    My questions are as follows:

    1. What is your best guess on the cause of my leaf discoloration and spotting?
    2. Should I do a flush and what is the best way to flush?
    3. Can and or should I cut the leaves that are in very bad shape?
    4. Can or should I cut the leaf that is touching the soil on the first Hawaiian OG?

    Any advice, comments, criticisms or questions will be welcome. Thanks for taking the time!


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  2. 1. its hard to tell. how long were the clones rooted? Also, you have completely changed their environment in the last few days. You might just need to give them some time to adjust.

    2. I wouldnt flush yet, you dont even know what's causing the issue.

    3. at this stage dont cut off any leaves, they will fall off when they are ready. right now the plant is using those leaves to combat whatever your problem is.

    4. no cutting leaves!


    now my questions....

    soil type?
    water source?
    water and soil PH?
  3. soil type? Organicare
    water source? Orange County, CA tap water
    water and soil PH? 6.8 for the water. I did not mesure the soil, but I believe it is balanced at about 7.0
    Temps? Lights on - 78-80 degrees, lights out, 68 to 72 degrees. Humdity stays between 30 and 45%

    Thanks for the reply Grrower!
  4. do you let your water sit out for a day to evaporate the chlorine?

    with a name like organicare, i going to assume it has no time release nutes in it.

    you should check your soil PH. simply water until you get 20% runoff and check the runoff PH. that will give you a good idea of what's in the soil.
  5. I do not, but will start to let my water sit out for a day before use. Thanks for the tip on ph testing the soil. I will do it next watering. What soil ph level should I be shooting for? The usual 6.5 to 7.0? Thanks again for taking the time to help. It is very much appreciated!
  6. well i hope that helps. Chlorine can reek havoc on any plant. let the water sit in an open tub with no lid for at least 24 hours. all the chlorine will evaporate.

    soil PH should be good anywhere between 6.5-7.0, if you are in that range you should not be experiencing lockout.

    your plants dont look terrible, so dont put too much into your leaves until you get the above items checked and fixed.
  7. It does help. Dispite the leaf issues, I am getting some good new groth, about an inch since I transplanted them. So, the leaves that are touching the soil are okay to leave alone, right?
  8. The soil will probably burn the leaves and make them die but it's ok.. those low leaves fall off during flower anyway. Also, pumping air into your water with a $20 air pump will take out chlorine faster and put more oxygen in the water.
  9. your leaves are fine, hell i've berried leaves for over a week and they still look pristine when you take the soil off.

    keep looking at your new growth. Constant growth is a good sign. defs usually start below new growth unless its really serious.

    soil is a slow medium. you will change or add something today and not see results for 5-7 days. leaves that are affected will never get any better. look for changes for the worse and keep a vigil eye.
  10. Thanks guys. I will get a pump for sure. Is there a preferred time to water/feed? Better with light on or off? This is great help. Thanks alot!
  11. Water right when the lights turn on, the closer you water to dark cycle the more chance that there will be mold from the high humidity.
  12. That is what I went with. Thanks for the help!
  13. I have not heard that before. Thanks for the tip dexorated. :smoke:

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