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    just wondering if this looks ok to ye guys its my first grow, its an autoskunk under a 150hps lamp  nearly 2 weeks old,im putting under 18/6 lighting and planning on nutes in a couple of days
    1618555_475762009195329_745691348_n.jpg 1897966_475762042528659_1085501248_n.jpg 1901236_475761992528664_1800401320_n.jpg

  2. Looks like the one is reaching for light. How far is your light

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  3. Dont give it any food you will poison it.
  4. 4"above, too soon to feed?
  5. yes too soon to feed, it will stunt its growth, be patient.
  6. Ok thanks guys do the leaves look ok
  7. Ok thanks guys do the leaves look ok
  8. What soil you using? is that coco?
  9. Levington compost

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