first set up 400w mh/hps DR90

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    Whats up grasscity? I just got everything setup for my first grow and here's the run down:

    3x3x6 Secret Jardin DR90
    6" YieldMasterII air cooled reflector
    Lumatek 400w digital ballast MH/HPS (250w 250sl 400w 400sl)
    anyone have any comments about the super lumen feature?
    6'' EcoPlus inline fan


    Other side of 'T' connector is open for future carbon filter.

    Temperature currently 81-83 45%RH under 400w MH turned down to 250w on ballast.

    Planted 6 bag seeds all dank as hell.

    Is my light too close?
  2. too close man back it up a tad they dont need all that light yet havent even sprouted
  3. Just raised them about 3" more so I think that should be better. How far off my plants should I have them once they start growing more?
  4. You need to raise the lights way more, not just 3" but for seeds sprouting 3' above the ground would be as close as you'd want it, any more and it's just excess amounts of light which means excess amounts of heat (although you're light exhaust setup looks great, good job!). 2-3' is good for growing plants, and even once they're at the end you don't want the lights close than 1'.
  5. Thanks Gdog. Just raised them wayyy up.
  6. I've got growth! When should I lower and how much room should I have between light and plant?
  7. Get a shoelace and mark it every six inches until you get to 3 feet. Then put it on your light and use it as measuring tool with the tip of it at the top of your plant. Keep your light within that range, ideally around 1.5ft.
  8. So late smh
  9. An old trick is to place you hand atop the canopy. If your hand gets hot to the point you can't hold it long without burning your hand. If it burn raise the light to the point you can easily tolerated the heat. The lower the light the better in most cases. I like to open an outside window and allow my girls fresh air. It helps them get the co2 from outside. I'm fairly happy with my set up.

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