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  1. Hey all this was my first year growing. I started 5 plants from seeds, unfortunately 4 turned out to be males, but that's pretty much my luck.

    Did a bunch of research, invested a lot of time and energy into them, but I'm pretty proud of the female that made it and I wanted to share some pictures. I am going to have a few questions going forward as well.

    Here's the first: I think I have a minor spider mite infestation. I searched the forums and found some solutions, and decided to go with the soap/oil/water spray since the problem seems to be minor right now. My question is can I maintain the plant through the remaining few weeks of flowering even if I have the spider mites, or do I have to definitely get rid of all of them?

    Also, today I noticed the leaves are starting to curl a bit. I neglected to water the plant this morning and it was bone dry and drooping, do you think after the watering and the leaves returning to the normal state it still is recovering, or is this possibly a sign of a greater problem? The PH has been maintained around 6.2.

    My next question is how much time do you think I have left? Flowering started probably about 4 or 5 weeks ago, and I'm in the north east.

    Thanks, and enjoy the pics. I think they're all in order except the last. Germinated seeds on May 24th, and second to last picture was inspecting the spider mites tonight.

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