First Scrog/grow - when to bloom?

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  1. I've been in veg for nearly 7 weeks and am thinking about switching to bloom. The scrog is filling in nice but I dont know what to look for to know when to bloom, how to move these plants around under the screen, or what to prune. Also, how do i transition (if at all) into bloom nutrients, 12/12 lighting, and anything else that needs to be changed to switch to bloom. Currently room temp/humidity is fairly stable at 78f and 55%. Trying to get humidity higher.

    Full thread with full plant history, pics, and very much more info here:

    How I fought and won against spider mites:

    Also, some of my plants have different marks like tiny brown spots or green splotches depicted here. If you could help me identify what is up, that would be amazingly helpful. Thank you for any advice in advance. ~Z

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  2. why now? is my scrog full? will i overfill it? I think I will be switching very soon, but I'm just curious. Thank you, ~Z
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    It all depends on how much your plants stretch during the first two weeks of 12/12. I would definitely flip to 12/12 now. The plants continue to stretch for the first two weeks. By the time you stop training the plant, the screen will definitely be full. If you don't know how much it will stretch, continue to keep pulling the nodes under the screen until the end of the first week of 12/12. Then just let them grow above the screen. It should get anywhere between 12-18 inches above the screen(hopefully the prior.)

    I'm an avid hydro grower, so I just drain my liquids, and start fresh with bloom nutes. Since it looks like you are soil, I would just run fresh water through the pots to flush some of the nutes, then feed them with bloom nutes. The flushing may not be necessary though, I'm sure someone with more soil experience will give you more sound advice on that.

    What is your strength of your nutes right now? What's the PH runoff? What strain are you running?

    *EDIT* Sorry I just took a look at your journal. So Since you ARE running hydro, are all the buckets linked together to one rez? Or do you feed each bucket individually? If you have a rez, just drain the system, and add fresh water with bloom nutes. If they aren't linked, it wouldn't hurt to start adding bloom nutes to the previous solution you have. But I am a strong believer in flushing your system every week during flowering.
  4. trying to keep my pH at 5.8-6.0

    nutes around 1400 floranova veg with a little floralicious (fertilizer i think)

    I believe I have G13, Grapefruit (the two obvious sativa), Bubblegum, some Dragon's Breath hybrid (maybe AK-47 or some berry one), and maybe a Prof X

    The buckets are all individual, but I will be flushing to go all bloom nutes here soon. This is my first grow though, when should I do it?
    Why do you flush every week? Flavor? I was told to just stop adding nutes about 2-3 weeks before crop. otherwise I'm pretty much following the FloraNova instructions.

    Thank you very much for the help. I'm currently working on switching to my first bloom!! ~Z
  5. If you have some sativas, you definitely should flip now. Those will fill the screen and then some. I had some jack herrers that i ScrOG'd for the the first time, and ended up getting to be 36 inches above the screen, and had to stake up every individual cola.

    I flush every week just to make sure the water that is being used is staying fresh, and there isn't any build up in the lines (its a recirculating DWC.) You don' thave to flush every week though, mostly a preference thing. I would start flushing the plants the last two weeks with just water. I am actually on my last week right now, I'm getting excited to chop the ladies. I use the flora-series as well BTW, I love it.

    To put it short, I would start your 12/12 cycle now and flush completely and put in bloom nutes. Then keep tucking the indica dominant plants under the screen the first week, then let them go above after that. And keep tucking the sativas the first 2 weeks (at least,) then let them go above after that.
  6. That was exactly the info I needed. Wish I had a +10 rep button! Thank you very much. On my way. ~Z

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