First Scrog! Do i top first?

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  1. :wave: Hay all! Hopen some one can tell me whether we should top our plants if we plan to scrog! I've read a great deal of Dire's info...but, it kinda starts in the middle of things! Should we top or trim any of the branches? About when should this be done? Our girls are about 2 and a half weeks and are now working on there 6th set of leaves.
  2. some pictures would be helpful to see if you really need to or not.
  3. from one plant, they should be topped and ready for the cola's to grow up into the screen before they get to that height. pics would help mate...
  4. :eek: Sorry guys!

    Here are some picks...just transplanted to pots this, they're a little frazzled...but, it'll all be good later...! sory they arn't the best pics in the world..but, it's the best i can do for now! Hope it helps!

    Tommarow starts week 3 and they are 5 to 6 inches tall!
    Growing under 400 watt halide 18/6.

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