First Scrog Attempt-14 days into flower w/Pics**Update**

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    Hey Gc,
    First scrog attempt, Using Nirvana's NL Femminized. Growing in a DR-60(2*2*5) under a 400 watt HPS air cooled hood with a 6in 400 cfm inline fan, Nutrients ( Humbolt Micro,Grow,Bloom,Big up Powder,Ginormous and AN Bud Candy) Using Bubble Buckets with 2 6in air stones per 5 gallon bucket and 2 seperate air pumps. Temps when lights are on hold between 71 and 72 degrees and when lights are out its a cool 62 to 65 degrees. My tent to gain as much space as possible i cut holes in the bottom ( I know people are gonna say im crazy for cutting my tent) but for my needs it works out perfect and its light proof plus my buckets only take up 3 1/2 in of vertical space and in such a small tent all the room i can gain is a plus. any comments are certainly welcome or any advice or something that could be done differently is also welcome. First couple pics are just of how the buckets were setup and the rest are the scrog 14 days since the 12/12 switch but didnt show sex till 6 days later so i dont know how to count the flowering weeks. From the switch or from first time of sign of sex. anyway to the pics:smoke:

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  2. Nice thinking;). the tent,, the drains on buckets,show's sum thought:smoke: Nice Job
  3. I count my flowering period from the time it shows sex u can't count maturity of the flowers if there is none I'm also growing nirvanas nl and I have a grandaddy going as well I'm not scroging mine but I'm hoping for a decent yield I also did the same thing and put my flower pots through the bottom of my cabinet (when I still used one) I'm gonna switch to bubble buckets next grow.... and just so u know just because it says 8wks flowering that doesn't mean cut em at 8wks I usually take that as a suggestion to when I should start watching the trichs happy growing man
  4. Thanks everyone,
    I wasnt really sure if i ha switched my lights to soon but the screen is completly filled in now so im guessing it was the right time.
    Brownie9091>> thanks for the info on the count down, I really wasnt sure how to judge it. In the past i went by the breeders info and always wondered why it didnt come out as good as i thought it would. This grow i picked up a 30x mag so i can keep an eye on the tric's. Certainly a 50/50 mix is what im after. Do you have a journal going? I would love to see how yours turn out. Im trying the scrog this time around because from what i read i guess you can almost double your yield.
  5. Nice grow dude keep em flowering!
  6. looks sick bro,

    Im try my first Scrog next grow with a 400w HPS. Im Sub'ed.
  7. Thanks for the response Rico. Ill be updating pics tonight just to show the progression of the flowering period. Cant wait till week 7 when they really start getting fat! What size room are you growing in,Strain, Nutes? Always curious to see what everyone else is doing.
  8. Nice grow DarkStar looking very healthy in there. ill be subs to your thread. i just put up a thread on my grow check it out. :smoke:
  9. Hey GC,
    Just thought i would throw up some picks i took when i got home today. Not a whole lot going on but there certainly shooting out pistals really fast. Lemme know what ya guy's think, Im always up for criticism good or bad. today is 19 days since the 12/12 switch. Any thoughts on how much longer the stretch will go with this strain? I've only ever grown sativa dominant strains before and these are alot more compact and short. Well on to the pics:hello:

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  10. another week and those are going to be some sexy girls...
  11. I don't really know if its a journal but I have a thread with pictures of my girls I haven't updated in a about a week now I'm in 12 days since flower... I count from the time it shows sex there coming along good except one it has a manganese def and it hasn't done much since the switch I can't get it corrected I'm using tiger bloom it has manganese I'm hoping it will start working soon otherwise I'm gonna chop it and use the space to tie my other ones down ur lookin good man I'm gonna throw some pics up in a few days idk how to put my thread in my sig that would be easier lol
  12. Nice first SCRoG... Damn..
  13. Hey GC,
    I switched out my nutes tonight so i figured i would take a few pics to update my first scrog attempt. Everything seems to be going very well with in my own opion. I flipped them to 12/12 on the 13th of last month and they took 6days to show there first pistols so 18 days since first sign of sex. However we count these damn flowering days:rolleyes: anyway if you have any questions or advice on anything please feel free to let me know. Well on to the pics

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