first scorpion bowls tonight = amazing

Discussion in 'General' started by 4Cave2man0, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. idk why

    but im real fuckin drunk

    and it could be the 5 scorpion bowls me and 2 people shared playing cards for money at a local japenese joint


    10 a piece

    but filled with booze

    is it me

    or is it liek a huge mai tai
  2. what are you talking about
    why do you write like
    everything is a poem or some shit..

    i dont get it..

    im fucked up too.

    but im not posting like you.

  3. Looks like you know why you're drunk to me... Haha I'm such a smartass sometimes.

  4. why do you

    give a shit

    what I do

    its the

    fucking internet :confused:
  5. we are

    back to

    this shit

    fuckin feedback

    you wont

    like :confused:

  6. it




    i dont care


    why chime in

    if you have dumb shit to say...

    why do you care how I post

    its funny, that you actually care
  7. its funny because

    you truly don't see

    that behind this screen

    this is really me

  8. i think we can agree

    i don't know what the fuck

    a scorpion bowl may be

    but with a little luck

    maybe he'll tell us

  9. ill agree

    i have no fucking clue

    what luck..

    the op does not

    give one fuck

  10. fuck I was going to ask

    in the dead hours thread

    when I first saw this guy posting

    but I didn't care that much

    Know I'm curious


  11. good for you

    if you saw me behind the computer screen

    id be drunk as hell trying to type
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    what's a scorpion bowl?

    like a widowmaker?

    edit: nvm i think it's probably some sort of mix drink
  13. Chinese drink

    Ceramic like 48 ounce painted bowl with a center piece volcano thing used for 151 rum

    then in the bowl it varies

    these were

    Pineapple, Gin, Dark Rum , Brandy , tequila , Light rum Lemon juice

    tastes real good surprisingly

    which is why we ordered so many lol

    but was drunk before I got there

  14. looks good

    me and my buddies get these things called "buckets" at a local pizza joint. basically the same principle, tons of liquor in a bucket
  15. yeah

    well it came with food

    and my stomach is regretting going out last night lol

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