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  1. Hello GC :hello::wave:
    This is my first go with this setup so it should be fun. I am running a mix like Coot's, but with added fish bone meal, dunks, biozeus and bentonite. The pots are autopots with perlite and airdomes in the bottom and gnatnix on top. I split the pot up with 2.5 gallons of amended mix on the bottom and 1 gallon of just 50/50 peat and perlite with some lime up top. My tent is a Mars Hydro 39"x39"x70" with a 6" vortex exhaust fan. The light is a diy cob setup that runs from 25w to 442w at the wall. It is a mix of cxb 3590 cobs with 4 at 3500k, 2 at 3000k 90 cri and 2 at 4000k. I have it running at 150w and 22" at the moment. I tried 200w, but ended up backing it back down. My first attempt will be Gold Glue running 20/4. I might add a uvb buld for a cpl hours a day near the last month.
    glue.JPG soak.JPG 1wkover.JPG day10.JPG
    Last 2 are day 7 and day 10 from breaking through the soil. :passtheshit:
    So far they have gotten an aloe and coconut water bath+ drink and some simple compost tea. I might do another tea once they are into flower, but the rest of the time I plan on just using ro water. I hope to turn the pots and domes on around the 22nd.
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  2. Hi Penrey,
    I'm Sara from Mars Hydro, how about the tent? if any problem feel free to contact me:)
    Happy Growing!
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  3. Thanks Sara. ;)
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  4. Day 19. Pots and air pumps got turned on :weed:. IMG_0381.JPG IMG_0382.JPG
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