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    So this is my first hydro grow. I have 6 critical clones that I put under a 150 HPS last night. They look like they made the move well and appear strong. I have the lamp about 8" above, pH is about 5.9 (I have been lowering it when I see it above 6.2), water temp is about 79, air about 81, ppm running about 350 (tap water was my only option at this point), and I added a 1/2 strength root 66 and sugar daddy from techna flora.
    The only prob I can see is a little yellowing on some tips/edges. Is this normal adjusting from their previous home? Any suggestions moving forward for a successful first go?
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  3. Every thing is still looking good. My pH seems to like to chill at 6.0 no matter how often I down it 5.8
    The leaves are still a little yellow around the edges on most plants. Would adding a low dose of N help or should I wait till I do a Res change? I think they were in 1/4 strength bytes before I got them.
  4. hey man i think u have a mag def cause your tips are showing signs of nute burn but ur bottom leaves are blotchy.. sometimes when ur running a low ph it can lock out magnesium and calcium try getting some calmag or magical and use as directed i bet this will clear it up i had the same problem few yrs back now i just add the magical all the time dont use to much as this can be bad for em and lock other needed nutes u can also use epsom salts 1/4 teaspoon to a gallon wouldnt recommend it in hydro though not sure how it would dissolve .... hope i could help i could be wrong man but thats what i would go with also take the plant out from under the hps its easier to diagnose under regular lighting....
  5. also dont be so strict on ur ph if it goes up to 6.5 then start thinking about lowering it plants take up different nutrients at different ph levels this is what iam told anyway so a little fluxuation in ur ph is a good thing as long as its not drastic ive let mine climb all the way to 6.7 sometimes before bringing it back down and i have nice lush green growth

    Also keep ur rez temps cooler about 65 70 this will help keep algae and unwanted bacteria growth use icecubes if u need too just remember they will melt and dillute ur nutrient solution so keep that in mind
  6. Thanks for the reply tvft. Since my last post I had added about 25% veg nutes. The other day I had some slight brown slime on my drain tube (submerged in the Res). So about 18 hrs before my first Res change I added 10ml h2o2 @ 3% per gal and let that run until I changed my Res and added 50% strength veg nutes.
    pH is running around 5.9, water temp is down to about 62, and ppms are about 800
    Here is a recent pic. I have clipped a few yellow bottom leaves over the past few days, should I keep up that practice?

    Sorry for the link and not embedding. I am working from a tablet and it seems that some forum functions are not optimized and kinda unreliable for android.
    Thanks in advance for any pointers, without any personal experience with hydro, reading evertything I can get my hands on only helps so much.
  7. just keep ur ph and ppm steady and regular rez changes u will be ok next time add ur h202 right after ur rez change as h202 in ur rez can stop that slime and boost o2 to ur roots

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