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  1. Here is my first go at putting together my own indoor greenhouse set up.

    First I used a Powerbox DPC-1500 (60A upgrade)

    It will be wired off 4ga-3wire to a sub-panel and 60amp GFCI breaker.
    Here is a pic of the hardware, nice heavy unit.

    The powerbox came with a trigger wire that I will be running off the XGC-1 C.A.P. Greenhouse controller.It can power 10 1000w lamps but I will be running only 4000w hps lights with my old RDUN Radiant reflectors. I had to buy the 4" duct kits and Glass lens for them which were about 40 added to the price of the 5 free hoods I got.($200 shipped) When I am done I will be upgrading to the 6" air cooled models of the radiant hoods.I had to do a crap load of tapping to get them to become air tight, here some pictures.
    I even had to tape up around the light sockets, These old Radiant hoods suck for air cooling but here I am getting it to become air tight.Pics around the Socket
    I might even have to tape around all of the venting ducts!
    HEre is a picture of my XGC-1e
    Fuzzy logic Co2 controller with built in temp - humidity - and pump cycle timers I should be set.
    I got plenty of fans and ducting up the arse!
    Everything will be vented through the floor into the crawl space then outside.
    I will be running power house ballasts outside of the room under the floor as with most of the can fans that will be cooling the lights.
    Here is a sneak peek of the first light and my hanging system, I got a track and am waiting for a extension & trolley kit so I will have 2 of the lights moving and 2 stationary.Also got half the room mylared up.
    Window will be tinted and covered up soon before the first fire up of the lights. I am going to move the single one back to the middle and have 2 moving on the back close to the wall. That is where I have the dedicated growing area. The room is 10' X 12" and I am using 8' X 10" of it for growing. I think 4000W is plenty enough for this space, let's hope the 12,000 BTU air conditioner helps keeping the room cool. I might have to invest into the ICEBOX cooling system. Those go for around $4000 to cool 6000W of power, well worth the money.
    I already have a Co2 Tank and Regulator with plug to open and close the valve, this will plug right into the XGC-1 and do it's job. What Co2 level shall I keep my room? The Controller already said the room is at around 450PPM Co2 is that normal or high?
    I hear 1500 PPM is best but is it too much? Give me some ideas guys and your feedback on my first set up.

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  2. you must be in heaven, i'm so jealous right now :D
  3. Almost in heaven!
    I have to spend a little more money and lots of Sunshine #4 for my potting medium. I think i might need about 8 bags of it *not cheap* I bought the whole line of fox farms nutrients but am wondering if that's not so good stuff, I hear advanced *something* is good stuff and yields alot is this true?

  4. why do you need the hood to be perfectly sealed?
  5. My room is completely sealed and i would not want hot air to get pushed out or the rooms air to get sucked into the light ventilation system.This will keep my co2 in and heat out of the room. Also when the exhaust fans come on it will create negative pressure and possibly start to suck air out of the gaps in the lighting creating more heat in the room, no no. since I am sucking air out of the room. My room is completely air tight.not only the lights but sealing the room was very important to have a CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT

    I also bought some high temp RTV gasket maker from KRAGEN to seal around the light socket and hanger holes.

    Yes, just for the COOL factor and it has a digital AMP meter that shows how much AMP's your using.
  6. Also I do not plan on even going close to the capacity of my POWERBOX.
    I always believe having a 30-50% overhead on what you are running on power handling capabilities is always a good measure to avoid problems later on or when needing to add more lights. I can probably add 2-3 more 1000W with no problems.
  7. Quick question.... Aren't you worried about your power bill being a reason for suspicion?
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    No we are 215 and sbc420 exempt. =)
    Fully Legal! * I think * he has a card and I am getting one myself once the babies get here.
    We will combine caregiver lic.
    Also I am running 240v power and this should consume a little less energy and half the AMPs

  9. You sneaky bastard you.... I can't believe it's legal with a card like that, it's so fuckin cool.
  10. Lights are up baby![​IMG]
  11. broken link....
  12. so you had the light shipped straight to your house? id be little shakey about that maybe?:confused:

    but maybe im just paranoid. i dont really know.

    anyway, good luck, hope all works well:D
  13. your browser!

    Lol who said I had them shipped to my house and who said I paid for them?
    They were free =) I only bought the lenses and ventilation flanges.
    and I did not order them to my house and this is not even in my house! lol
    I think your assuming to many things, calm down and just relax Mr Paranoid! lol

  14. ok goooooood. i was gunna say :rolleyes:

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