first room design... need help!

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  1. hey guys, im planning my first grow room and i want some verification on the supplies...


    150w HPS LIGHTING SYSTEM (MH for veg, HPS for flowering):

    Other than that, I have a closet I will coat with mylar, and create a small ventilation system. Any reccomendations on these or anything else I will need? (besides the seeds of course)
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    hydro unit looks ok, but I would get a light with a remote ballast... maybe a cooled reflector too, those things tend to warm up, might want to up the light to a 250 or so also f you plan on growing 6 plants... also, where are you going to get 150 watt HM bulbs and you can't just put metal halide bulbs in hps fixtures, has to be metal halide conversion bulbs, or you could get a digital ballast, alot of them automatically switch back and forth depending on the bulb you put in, but I think they don't usually make them smaller then 400w. Good Luck any way...

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