First Room Build 36Lx24Wx78T

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  1. Hello grasscity this is my first post but have been around the site for many years. growing has been something i have always wanted to do and now i find myself in a position to do just that.

    What i have decided on is a 3 bucket DWC hydro set up. will be growing 6 plants at a time hopefully in a two story set up. Veg on top with 200 watt of cfl/ MH security lights. bottom level Scrog and 400 watt hps. i have only got the room built as of now and not close to completion. before i went ahead and finished i wanted all of your imput on ways to improve of add. i have accumulated little to what ill need to finally start. no light yet or seeds.

    Will post pictures later tonight. thanks for any advice before hand.
  2. from across room
    Lock assembly
    holes in top and bottom of right side is for the wiring and possible reservoir

    weather gauge and self i installed to just hold things while i work on it will be removed

    Also the fluro is just for lighting while im working on the box
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    Looks nice man just make sure you clompletely liight proof. Where it's sitting looks like a standard utility closet most poeple won't give it a second look...Good Job... Also your gonna wanna vent it later on i didn't see any slots but they are easily added, and may i sugjest lineing the inside with mylar or painting it flat white.
  4. Picked up a few things yesterday. New ph meter buckets all my piping and fittings. Had a twin air pump already. Have 13 liters of hydroton. Gonna be doing 2 plants in 8 inch net pots. General hydroponics is what nutes i picked things are falling into place. Will post pics after set up.

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