First rolled j, how did I do

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by bkdiet, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. I just rolled this after looking at a tutorial on here, how did I do

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  2. doesn't look like much is in there, but definitely
    looks better rolled than my first joint many years ago.
  3. yeah haha I didn't have that much weed left
  4. I still can't roll that we'll kudos to you my friend.

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  5. Gimme, gimme it!
  6. aesthetics: 7/10. the odd shape of the joint is an obvious representation of the roller's lack of experience. the joint is neatly rolled at the top to secure the weed, showing us the roller does not lack in his studies.
    size: 5/10. disappointing size. doubtful if it is even enough for a high.
    effort: 10/10 rolling comes with experience. keeping rolling
    overall: 6/10
  7. looks fine..
    just use less paper and thinner papers next time.. you'll enjoy it much more.
    Lol how is that not enough to get baked? If I rolled up some good weed in a joint that size and smoked it alone, I'd be really high.
    OP looks good bro for your first time, keep rolling and eventually you get them to look pretty much as perfect as cigs.
  9. Personally prefer my Js with a filter in them (and I actually think it makes it easier to roll aswell) but other than that looks pretty good! :smoke:
  10. I'd spark it 👍
  11. Better than my first joint. With practice you can outlook a machine any day of the week.
  12. If it smokes and it's your first, then you did above average.
  13. Should of spread your weed out a bit more you wasted atleast quarter of that paper keep it up and you'll be good

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  14. Good enough to smoke, not good enough to impress the ladies or me lol. 
  15. Looks okay. How did it smoke?
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    That's my morning wake n bake

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