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  1. Hey all,

    Have really grown fond of shatter in the recent months, having been treated to some amazing stuff I've been buying some myself lately.

    So I'm looking into my first rig, Im looking to keep it simple and affordable. I come from being a dedicated bong smoker, always using one of my Roor pieces. So I like quality but practical pieces also

    The rig that has caught my eye is the Grav Labs circuit rig, 6 or 7". Reasons this stands out to me is its made in USA, small, simple, quartz nail included and under $100.

    So, does anyone here have this Rig if so could I get some feedback please.

    Ordering from Toronto hemp company

  2. It looks like a solid piece for dabbing.
    $100 is super cheap as rigs go.
  3. Did a bit more digging... So apparently grav labs is no longer made in USA, now imported. Should have expected as much I came to this realization years back when looking for a good bong. Basically spend the coin for a really well made piece blown by an artist glass blower. Or spend less, get a good smoking tool that will last less time

    I may still pick that up as a first rig and upgrade from there.
  4. If you have the option get a quartz banger, the ease of use is amazing, heats up faster than ti.

    Supporting my local head shop I picked up this simple rig for $80, he swapped the nail it came with for a banger (his personal/professional advice).

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1461393340.299853.jpg
  5. Quartz bangers are better tasting than titanium for sure, also everything else.
    Just make sure it's real Quartz and not glass, as glass can shatter and break if heated too hot or too many times. Glass will have bubbles in it, and there's probably no quality quartz banger under 30 or 40 bucks, they're usually 80 to 100 for the good ones.
    I have a $30 one that works fine.
  6. Picked up a quartz banger for $45, my question is can I 100% safely use my propane torch to hear the quartz nail?

    I've heard it's fine but of course want to make sure before I fire it up
  7. You should be good to go, if your worried just block your face the first time you heat it. I've gotten mine super red hot multiple times no issue.

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