First real Tube

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    Awhile back, DiamondRasta commented about my faggy little flea market bong. Well, he was right. You need to understand, I never spend the money on kind bud, I smoke way too much. So now that I'm going to be par-taking in some of the finer grades of cannabis,.....I pulled the trigger and bought a new canon.

    22" 7 mm MGW Tube

    Frosted, 6 arm tree and black onyx perc

    Ice catcher

    Any suggestions for add ons?



  2. Wow, no love......:(
  3. Haha. That looks like a nice pick up. Post up a milk shot
  4. very sick for first real tube bro! must be nice with little drag
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    Picked up the catcher today. Complete w/ 3 arm tree :D


  6. Pretty nice tube man! That ac is bomb too
  7. Man fuck that dude Diamond Rasta, he doesnt know what hes talking about.

    lol sick tube bro! im a fan of Manifest... diggin the AC too! I need to get one, i just got a diffused AC... nothin special. Need to get on the LBH level
  8. nice pickups for first :smoke:
  9. Dope bong man!
  10. SICK! Saw a 6 or 8 tree MGW ash catcher the other day and that is my next investment for my MGW bong.
  11. Dude that is a sick setup! I was going to recommend a a/c, but i see you already picked one up. I really want to pick up a tube like this how much did it run you?
  12. You can pick one up for about 350-400$ depending on the head shop and i recommend picking one up as soon as you can! l0l
  13. that's a nice piece man! love the ash catcher too, probably smooth as hell

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