First Real Piece

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  1. I got my piece last night. Glass spoon, i like it. They said it is supposed to turn blue when it gets resined up. I think for my first piece, its not bad. 3" long i paid 20 bucks for it. Pics up in a couple minutes.
  2. Nicee i would suggest getting a bubbler i love mine but its a lil small.
  3. [quote name='"Psmurf33"']Nicee i would suggest getting a bubbler i love mine but its a lil small.[/quote]

    Yeah bubblers over dry pipes. bongs are over everything
  4. I need something small and easy to carry, this was the answer. And the said it shouls turn to be the color of the grip bumps.
  5. I woulda payed 15 for tht but pretty nice :)
  6. headshops far away. so my buddy got this for me and set his price at 20, so i didnt mind paying a little more, and they gave me 2 bowls worth with it sooo :) i feel i dint do too bad.
  7. A headshop gave you weed?
  8. If my headshop sold weed, id be there daily! I think most arent dumb enough to do that. THey have to know cops dont like em already for being a loophole in the law to buy pipes and stuff like that.
  9. I never went to the headshop. Thats why i said MY BUDDY got me this and gave me weed. lol
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    Looks like a nice first piece!!!
    Remember this piece man. Hopefully there will be more to come, but its the first piece that always means the most imo. And turn that shit blue man! color changing bowls are sweet! congrats on the free weed too!
  11. My misunderstanding. Words kinda turn together into this homogenous growth when I'm toasted.

    But yes! Nice piece. I remember mine.... /nostalgia
  12. hey thanks guys, and yeah, im probably going to keep it till it breaks.

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