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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by JonBongJovi, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. I was away this weekend but my girlfriend came to the house to feed and play with my cat while I was gone. I gave her my only key. When I got back tonight I go see her to get my key(the door locked behind me when I left). I left her place, got home, got high, went to go in but had forgotten to get the key from her!

    I didn't want to ring the door bell and have my parents come up to open the door and see me high or smell the smoke but I didn't have a way to get in and I didn't want to go back to my girlfriends house. Then I remembered the spare key in the backyard. I wasn't sure where I was but I found it and it worked! Disaster averted!

    I'm so high right now. I took 3 days off after smoking every day for several weeks and now that I smoked again I'm stoned off my ass. :smoking:

    I hope you're all enjoying similarily. <--- is that a word? :devious: .....:D
  2. good thing you had that extra. i once locked my car keys in my car stoned:confused: , good thing i keeo a spare key in my wallet, of course i didn't remember until after 30 mins a freaking out:rolleyes:
  3. That's like today I got done off of work and walked home, I get to the house and I realize my mom isn't home so I was like Fuck, she locked all the doors, sure enough she did so I had to go all the way back down to my dad's office get the garage door opener, walk all the way back to my house, then I couldn't find a lighter so I lit a cigarette off of my stove.
  4. ahah that sucks lighting ciggies of your stove

    thats what im doing tonight as i have no lighter until tomoro
  5. whenver i try liting a fukin ciggie on a stove...sum how the whole ciggie goes up n my cigagretts ruined :(
  6. haha nice story

    one time i was gettin stoned in this closet it my garage, and i guess i was out there too long cuz my mom locked the door leading from the house to the garage. So Im sitting there banging away on the door trying to wake up my mom but her room is far away from the garage, it sucked..
  7. ^^^^^^^^ hahah DAMNNNNNN that had to suck
  8. Since you asked and no one answered, it's 'similarly', but hey, I'm just a freakish spelling bee champ from years gone by. :D

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