First real leafs have 3 fingers?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Lokei360, Jul 2, 2017.

  1. On this black bomb it looks like the first real leafs have 3 fingers. Is that normal? I thought its usually 1 leaf?
  2. Nothing wrong. They're in the process of opening up new leaves and sometimes that takes a little time for everything to fully open up and you see the whole thing. But don't put a lot of pressure on it right now. It's doing it's thing...mostly under ground building out a root system right now so you won't get much rapid growth of foliage and the plant won't use much water. Don't do anything at all to it until you can lift the container it's growing in and feel NO weight. If you feel weight, there is still moisture in the soil. These plants hate having wet roots all the time and you need to give them defined wet/dry cycles to keep them happy. But when you start a seedling in a large container of soil, it takes it more time to build out a root system and get back to putting on foliage. But the thing looks perfectly healthy to me. TWW
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  3. Thanks man, so i usually mist my seedlings when there this small. Thats slows growth?
  4. They don't need misting.
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  6. Just let it Grow its Fine! You could use a spray bottle for now, but don't wet the leaves. Wet the soil she's in a big pot watch overwatering man!
    Good Luck

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