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    Okay, so after lurking this forum and various others for the past 3 years I've decided to make an account, LOL. Okay well I'm starting a grow coming up in the next few weeks and I wanted to make sure that this one was done right and not half-assed like my last grow attempt. I just need some advice on were things need to be tweeked and what not.
    This is going to be a closet CFL grow using 62w CFL's, from what I read so far the higher the wattage the better then plant/buds. (please correct me if I'm wrong) will be starting with just 3 and adding more as needed.
    Will be using 1 gal. smart pots,
    for soil I will be growing in a 60% coco 30% perlite and 10% worm castings. (this is up for editing if anyone has any better coco/perlite combos)
    nutrients I haven't decided on the Botanicare CNS17 line up or General Hydroponic flora series, OR General Hydroponics Go Box Starter kit,  deff. will be adding calmag as well if I don't get the Go Box which includes it.
    Other items include Ph meter with solutions, temp/humidity gauge, small fans and a space heater because my closet stays cold, at least until it warms up... ventilation I don't think is really a concern.
    My lights will be made from PVC which I think I saw here a while back.
    How's this sound so far? What would you choose for the nutes? I'm trying to KISS this first grow so hopefully it will be successful! Also, ventilation is it really necessary and if so how could I improve it? Also the soil is that good or what else could I add? Or should I ditch the worm poo? My closet is about 20ft x 4ft my bathroom and room surrounds both sides of it if that helps at all. Looking to get this going by the end of next week so any additional purchases need to be made by Monday so I will have everything in time..
    OH YEA, I forgot the most important part SEEDS! I ordered some seeds from Nirvana around Xmas and for some reason they were having issues receiving payment via so I eventually got my money back but the still sent to 10 courtesy freebies so I have no idea what they'll be. I will be using 5 of those and 5 ole bag seeds. K I think that's advice please?

  2. sounds like you know what youre doing
    Thanks! Haha, I wish I did maybe I'd stop second guessing myself.
    Everything sounds good to you though? And what about the nutes? Apparently you're not supposed to Ph with the General Hydroponics nutrients, but that's only if it has mykos in the soil? So would I need to Ph the water add nutes then Ph again? Or just add the nutes and do one Ph. That's the ONLY reason that I'm not using them is because I think I'm going to royally bomb this whole Ph mess.
  4. bumping so i can get help with these nutes.
    have a job interview today wish me luck!!

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  5. thanks! :D

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