First Real Grow with CFLs. Advise Please...

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  1. hey wass up GC. its been a little over a week i just giving a little update. temp stays around 75-90. i cut back on the watering a little about once every 4 days. havent started ferts yet, the little baby leaves havent completely fallen off yet. i started the lst yesterday tieing down the support on the side. i was waiting until i got somemore height before i tie the plants horizontally. the pic is of my best plant a few days ago before i did anything to it on day 21. any suggestions? yes i kno its in a gallon milk jug. i see a few roots growing down the bottom im shopping around looking for some decent pots. i heard that the plants need something like 1gallon per month alive is that about right. i was trying to think of what i could use. im trying to stay away from anything too wide cuz im trying to keep a few plants in a small space. i dont know any ideas?

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  2. havent updated in a whyle im in the process of moving. i plan on doing a full update over the weekend. check out this plant tho its one of the ones i LST'd. sorry for the crapy pic.

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  3. Its been a whyle since my last post, i moved and it took forever to get my connection. Alots happened since my last post. ill give a quik update and i have a few pix too.
  4. 5-26-06 Day 42 of growth
    Room temp 80f
    soilph 7


    Kerry B


    Crystal A
  5. Wow, nice Job with the LST, Reefa! looking nice and bushy with lots of tops from a month of vegging. Some strains start to show preflowers so you can sex them before switching to flowering. Give a check two branches down from the top where the branches meet the trunk. All strains are differet of course but it can't hurt :) If you don't know how these grow, figure your plants will double in height the first two weeks of flowering so pull them down alittle more if height is an issue.
  6. Its been a whyle since my last update its now day 29 day of flowering their budding nicely i ended up bending all of the plants for flowering to maximize that yield. its starting to get crowded in my grow area its only a 2x1x4 closet i built and i have 3 plants in there. im thinking i might have to take one out and grow it in a cardboard box i dont want to throw it away. Oh yeah and i have a 250whps on the way. i think itll be boomin in my small space. well heres some pics i took a fe days ago ill do a detailed update in a few days.

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  7. Reefa you have some pretty Lady's there, very nice:hello:
  8. Thanks Cantgetenuf their commin along nicely for the lights they have. their only under only 120w of cfls. ordering the hps monday w some quality mylar.
  9. As soon as you get your hps light, watch your babies burst into life:)
  10. THE HPS IS FINALLY HERE. its almost 12 that means lights on. after a month the light is finally here.
  11. man i cant wait to see the growth with that hps.
    *pulls up chair*
    im very impressed with the job youve done so far. good fucking job. +rep
  12. hey yal cant wait till 12 to put on the light again. i cant believe how fukin bright this light is. i kno these plants are eating that up. that one light Luminates my timy grow box to the Max. the reflector barely fits in my 2x1x4 box. My only consern is the heat issue. i turned on the light and it was up to 100 in like 5 min. i lifted the fan so it was blowing right accross the buds the whole light time but that didnt drop the heat any i hope they didnt burn too bad.
    when i turned the light off this morning it was like 110-120 i felt the leaves and they still felt cool to the touch i guess it can take the heat as long as that fan stays directly on them. i could barely sleep lastnight between wanting to c the plants grow and thinking the grow box will catch fire, i kept waking up to glance over at the box.
  13. well week 10 of flower is almost over im guessing my plant is a Major sativa, the trichnomes are just turning all cloudy.
    Since i got the Hps it seems like the trichnomes have doubled in number and their getting bigger i just wish i had a didital camera to show u guys pics. My phone broke so i cant take pics till prob harvest.
    im thinking about cutting them next week some of the branches are starting to lean from the weight. and also theres supposed to be a pest killer comming that weekend too so i want to get that out of there. i just hope i have a bit of amber triches by then.
  14. I got the temp to stay in a reasonable range. I keep the fan on a bucket to make it bud level and i keep on the a/c in the room i woke up this morning freezing but it was a good 90 in the grow box.
    From the looks of it im thinking mabe ill have 31/2-4 ozs i think my Kerry plant has this huge top cola that looks like its an oz by its self i think this plant is where most of my weight is going to come from. Then u kno i have the little Cyrstal thats my prize posession its going to be the best bud comming out of my closet it has this kerosene dank aroma and sugar coated buds with bright orange hairs, I had to make sure i had clones of this one. Then i have the big crystal its of the same batch as the little crystal but its showing a Clear difference in bud attributes. this big crystal started flowering extremely slow but it has far taller branches. while the other plants are gaining weight with bud with hairs, the big crystal is just getting harrier(spelling). i dont kno but its been filling out these last few days under the hps.
  15. i just accadently deleted this long ass post i wrote and i dont even remember half the shit i wrote down so here goes
  16. Well its the beginning of week 12. It all comes down to these last few dayz, its crunch time. i checked the triches today and their looking good. about 15% amber 65% cloudy and 20% clear. i think this last week should finnish them up. i took a sample last week for smoke test off my biggest girl, wooo she was great nice sativa high, real UP and my mind was racing took a sample today small bud from my best one and a a little bigger from the other 2. dried them out in the oven on 300, 15 min on both sides so 1/2 hr total. checked the triches again after it dried and more seemed to turn amber or they started to cook i dont kno. well i poped a bud in the pipe and woo yeah nice sativa buz but it was shortlasted. i rolled a blunt and i have it sitting here next to the keyboard, ready to be smoked. oh i gatta tell you on my little crystal. there are these yellow almost thorn things growing out of a few of the buds where the hairs come out. I have no idea what it is mabe trying to polinate its self i dont kno but i saw 1 a few days ago and i saw quite a few this morning. like i said they look almost like small yello thorns comming out where the hairs do. mabe a thorn or bananna one or the other.
  17. Ok Here we are week 13 of flower week 14 since the light switch. the buds are looking beautiful. last night was their last light. from 12-10 this morning and their gonna be in the dark until thursday morning at 10. that will be 48hrs. of darkness and then the harvest.
  18. make sure u post pics!!! wet and dry!!
  19. i wish i had a good camera to take some pics. these ladies got so big and sticky. i took some pics with my phone but i have to send them to my comp and what not. ill have some soon tho, gatta take pics of the harvest. im so proud of my plants they started out looking like nothing much but their really gonna yield a few oz. i think they really put on some weight these last few weeks. i finally realized these strains im growing are mostly sativa and these damn trichnomes arent really changing much past thecloudy kinda amber mark, to just amber. well ne wayz last friday one of the buds snapped a stem it was a top bud on an lsted plant so it as fine it was done ne wayz so i hung it up. smoked a bowl this mornin w my girl and it was nice great taste for not being cured. buce cerebral buz, clear head, kind or facing thoughts. Nice. we'll c how it does in the bug dry and cure.
  20. Ok Everyone my first grow as a real success got 3 3/4 oz. of 3 plants. that s not bad at all if i say so myself. its real good shit too i ben smokin it since the smallest buds were dry and it smokes beautiful im saving some to cure too. i know ur supposed to cure before you bring ur product to the streets but hey. if i were to sit on it ill smoke it all so last night i made some calls and sold all of it. made a nice profit could have charged more. coulda charged alot more cuz its is HELLA better than all the shit out here. i gave this guz a oz. in a bagg and it lookid like 3 cuz it was so fluffy surely next harvest everything will be full price but just for the first grow this effort was a big success thanks to GC.

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