First Real Grow with CFLs. Advise Please...

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  1. This is my first real grow. i tried growing before but with little to no knowledge. its been some time now so i thought id give it a try again. i sprouted in paper towels and my seeds went in soil on April 14. i started with 6 but now i have 4 they went through a cold spell in my house 1 night.

    Today is their 11th day of life and the biggest one is 2 1/2in. and the smallest one is 1 1/2in.
    their in a 1'X1' grow space with 3850 lumens as of right now im working on getting some more lights im just grabbing as i go.
    its an even 90 degrees in there. no data on the humidity and ph as of yet thats the next thing to buy on my list.
    ill have some pictures soon
  2. 90 is pretty high, do you have any ventalation?
  3. just keep those cfls very close to the plants,,, they dont emmit much heat,,,, so put them about 4 '' above the tops,,, if you have the light far away it will stretch,to the light,,,, if your area gets cold at night,,,,, you should bield a frame [since there so small now] and put a quilt over the frame at night,,,maybe shut your exaust fan off at night also,,,good luck,,,, any question asked will be one answered by someone....:cool:
  4. 90 is way too high for plants... they like 78-82 and 82 is the highest :p
  5. The bud im growing is "bag seed" but its good shit. Their from 2 different batches. 2 are Kerry, from my cousin Kerry the bud was a real potent body buzz. and the other 2 i call Crystal. i got a 1/2 oz from my dealer and smoked it over a couple days and listen to this after the bud was gone there was so many crystals in the bag i shook them all into a corner put the bag under my dressor over night and the nest morning i had a little peice of hash. to wake and bake to. so i thought i HAD to grow this bud.
  6. Thanks Guys i have the temp back down to 80. i watered this morning and i notices in my 2 smallest plants there were like microscopic clear bug things. i only saw a few i tried to squish a few but it didnt work. are these the infamous Aphids? im tapped out of money until monday, so what can i do as of right now? Anyone?
  7. Im sorry for the poor pic quality its with my cell. These are my 2 healthiest on their 12th day of life.

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  8. get rid of the foil its not doing anything for you. Just a side note 90*F is not too high you think it stays a perfect 82*f oustide all the time? specially in mild tropic areas where marijuana grows the best? hahaha you got to be kidding I've had temps up to 95*f with no repercussions even a high one day of 102*f but ohhhh well the closer you can keep it 72*-92*f the better
  9. Judging from the light I see reflected in the foil I would say the foil is doing something allright. Its best to leave it there.
  10. I like the foil Idea, Im actually going to do that to my plants, It doesnt look like it would hurt! Good idea man!
  11. the foil wont hurt,,, just put the dull side out,,,,, most important note;;;the less wrinkles the better,,,the wrinkles send the reflected light out in a uneven pattern,,,,foil also bounces back the ultra-violet,rays which is not a good thing for human eyes...flat white paint is best for a cheap method,,of reflection...:smoke:
  12. oh my ok people do whatever you feel like.... the fact is foil creates hot spots ecspecially when its all crinkled up like that but I don't know anything. oh yeah by the way foil only reflects 20% of all emited light (if I remember correctly)
  13. 20% reflection of foil beats the crap out of <5% reflection from dark soil.
    Foil is a great insulator I agree but since the lights are ABOVE THE SOIL AND THE FOIL it doesnt matter.
    Keeps your plant roots nice and warm when the lights go out.

    Also, foil cannot reflect more ultra-violet light back into your eye then the lamps itself will produce. So if you happen to have a lamp which produces respectable amounts of UV (which no one NO ONE has, it will kill your plant, ever heard of a ozon layer my friend?) you should worry about the lamps and not the foil.:wave:
  14. thanks suggestions. their comming along nicely its almost time for a bigger pot i saw a root from one of the plans comming through the bottom. ill try to put some new pics up in a day or 2.
  15. anything bright flat white would work better than the soil and not reflect heat.

  16. thank you very much...... even better grow buy some cheap $2 mylar balloons... pop them (or suck the helium out always fun) .... turn them inside out and place underneath if your really that concerned about relecting light back up.....
  17. i must agree , the bottom up reflection aint no thing to me either,,,, your bottom branches will be the less producing of the whole plant anyhow,,,foil is a debatable issue,,,,as u see here,,,,white plastic is a all around good reflective material that wont bring up a debate,,,,the mylar ballon is a new one to me ,,,but shit it would work...:smoking:
  18. The growroom setup os still the same, 75-90 degrees
    It is day 16 of veg. my 2 kerry plants are looking real good i have some pics of them below their 4" and 3" their starting to get leafy but the other 2 were having problems. when i first started i got the wrong type of soil (Merical grow) i didnt know. they gere growing but the ferts in the soil was burning the tips of the leaves, theyve grown through most of it but it set them back a wayz. but this wasnt the same for the kerry strand it is a bit stronger growing at this stage.

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  19. your going to lose that last plant it looks like the stem is rotting.... you don't have enough drainage or your water WAY to much.......... could just be the pic forgive me if i'm wrong
  20. that little S bend in the stem is from when it first came above ground it was leaning for a day or 2 from the fan, until i put the stake next to it. its great now its number 2 of 4.

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