First real grow, will these lights work?

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    I've been searching all over the place and every other website is giving me a different answer, so I've come to the forums

    Will this bulb work if I'm trying to grow just a single small plant? I have to go on a t break for a while for an upcoming job interview, so I intend to seriously grow a plant, giving it more time and attention than if I were spending all my time and money on herb.

    This is the highest watt light that isn't a tube at my local hardware store, so hopefully this will do, thanks

    (Just finished my last bowl for the next few weeks.)
  2. I'de like to help here, but that link is no good, doesnt bring me anywhere.

    the page says "Bad Request"
  3. Can't work either link. CFLs, t5/t12 tubes, metal halide and high pressure sodium lights will do. For one plant 100-200 watts of CFL or tubes will do. A 150watt MH or HPS will also work for one plant.
    This page explains lighting.
  4. If the light is a halogen then no, it will not work.
    You need 6500k spectrum CFL's for veg and 2700k spectrum CFL's for flowering. Thats the cheapest lighting.
    The best light for veg is Metal Halide and the best for flowering is a HPS.

    For a single plant you would need about 100w. The CFL box's say "150w" in big letters but look closely because it will only use 23w. You need approx 4-5 CFL's of both spectrums. It ran me 40$. 10$/2 pack of CFL's.

    CFL stands for compact flourescent, they are at most hardware stores and definately walmart.

    Hope i could help.
    Any other type of light is not sufficient and wont work.

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