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  1. So I'm getting ready to start my first real grow, I'm not looking to do anything on a large-scale, just 2-4 Northern lights plants in a DWC system, and of course before I spend any money, I want to have a decent understanding of the system I want to buy. Looking at the stealth hydro DWC growers choice kit, and I noticed it has the grow & bloom nutes, but not the micro. So question 1, do I need the micro nutes? 2. They let you add on dual spectrum CFL, and there is a separate option for a flowering bulb, so would I be fine with just the dual spectrum or do I need the flowering bulb also? New to grass city so I don't know if its ok to post a link to the kit on my first post, so there's another question! Please please help me out, all comments and tips are appreciated!!
  2. I know the kit you're talking about. I've seen it on their site.
    Some nutes come in a 2 part or 3 part system. Im not sure what brands ( I think its "their" brand)they offer with the kit but you'll be ok with the 2 part.
    If it was me tho I would spend the extra and get a known brand of nutes. Then you could get what you feel comfortable using.
    And I would spend the extra $ for the flowering bulb. You can get the dual spectrum but you'd see faster growth with a 6500k for veg and a 2700k for flower
  3. I would suggest to have different lights for veg and flowering. You can also look at the bigbudsmag for hydro tips and expert suggestions.
  4. kits like what you describe are always way way over priced. you will need the complete nutrient program as you need all the nutrients in the correct proportions. your far better off buying single bottle nutrients that are tailor made for cannabis so you don't have to mess about mixing. get a vegging formula and a budding formula and your set.

    what size is your grow area? the size of that will determine how much light you will need
  5. Check out my setup I did on budget links in my profile under my posts

  6. The main thing to consider, with DWC, is whether or not you can keep your nutrients cool, below 70 degrees or not?  If not, you may wish to choose a different method of hydroponics. 
    Second, DWC is so dead simple to build yourself, rather than purchasing already made.  You can buy a lid with a netpot in it for $6 and snap it onto a 5g bucket, or 3.5g bucket, add a 5 watt air pump and a couple airstones, and Bob's your uncle!
    I would suggest looking at a complete nutrient, like General Hydroponics Floranova series, or Maxi series.  These include all the micro and macro nutrients you need, so you don't have to guess or wonder.
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    Bump^^^ to that guy. And I would go with what Inked said about the lights. check out the systems over at I use one of there six bucket systems turn key at it's best! Welcome to Grass City their is a good group of lads and lady's around here to help out
  8. most grow kits on ebay etc. are designed to grow herbs and small vegtables not a large cannibis plant more than likely the lights will be the limiting factor. Watts and Lumens the more the merrier. Hps and Mh are the most effective and by time u buy enuff cfls to match a HID system the cost will more. also remember HID system produce A Lot of Heat this will be an issue (not a big one u just need a vent fan) but cfls can work w/o a vent fan

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