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First Real Experience

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bak3donh1gh, May 20, 2010.

  1. So my first experience with weed was not stellar. The side effects i experienced weren't as advertised. Basically I went completely numb and started getting twitches.(regular and this weird rotating my head, i could stop it but i didn't really want to) Yes there was more eating but it wasn't because i was hungry, more along the lines that i felt empty and wanted to fill that void, I also lost most of my ability to taste so it wasn't really fun as well i had delayed reactions.
    There was nothing I would really consider really pleasant about the experiences(i tried several times with the same weed)
    Now my question is should i expect this in the future, or should it change? Or maybe the weed was dosed with something?

  2. Well 1st go too a new dealer or ask for different bud..
    2nd Nobody will waste money to dose your weed trust k..
    But if it make you feel better post a pic and we can tell you k.
    3rd if its not laced (witch im sure its not:rolleyes:) weed affects everyone different so just try somthing new....Oh and is it dank? (high quality bud if you dont know)
  3. this actually was awhile ago so i dont have the bud anymore
  4. Probably schwag headache, my friend puked from hitting my four footer with schwag, idk
  5. If you lost your ability to taste... something is definitely fucked up.

    Whenever i'm baked, tastes get amplified.

  6. Well try a nice sativa there ussually easier to handle then an indica.

    yes if its scwagg that probaly the reason.(always get dankki dankk):rolleyes:

  7. Ive said this befor and ima say it again i love you sig!

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