first real effort any help appreciated

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  1. hi, my friends cousins brother in laws uncle decided to start growing again and usually his plants never make it past the first month before dying , i told him i would help ill get supply and he will provide space so far we have an area of about 4 feet tall 3 feet wide 4 feet long, we have a 40lb bag of greenthumb organic top soil ,1.5 cubic feet of fox farm ocean fresh , three 3 gallon planters , 4 foot 2 tube t12 shop light 6500k 40 watts, 18 inch fluorescent fixture with a warm white bulb, 8 inch 15 watts, 8 inch fan for intake exhaust and temp, usually the plants are just thrown on a shelf 5 feet away from a single cfl bulb about 5 feet away and never make it past 4- 5 inches and only a few leafs before dying out, how good is this little setup we put together only had 100 bucks to get it all and still have 20 left , can we do work on about 4-6 plants with what we have? were gonna germinate in a couple of days and use a mixture 2/3 fox farm and 1/3 green thumb, im using bagseed from a decent midgrade no idea what kind , going to put straight into the 3 gallon planter after germinating them under 18/6 for 2 weeks then 12/12 so far no nutrients not going to get any for a month, do i really need them? and going to water with rain water if not available the water sold in the baby aisle is this going to work at all, please let me know what i can do to make sure they actually produce this time ,thanks
  2. ima too stoned to read all that lol first
  3. you need to start feeding at 2 -3 weeks. half strength. get your lights as close as possible. start em in peat pellets. theyneed to be kept on 18/6 for a lot longer try 5 -6 weeks. tack in more lights or sub in some sunlight. be aware bagseed can be hit or miss. plant alot of seed to compensate for fatalities.
  4. throw in some perilite to break up the soil some more.
  5. is miracle gro perlite good enough, how much should i use ?
  6. plin old perlite. nothing special. it just needs to be enough to get air to the roots and break up the soil. any amount is ok.

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