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First real dutch tulip (Pics!)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Spleen, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. #1 Spleen, Jun 12, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 12, 2010
    Last night my good friend came back from his university for two months, so we decided to celebrate with this. After spending about 1hr driving around looking for supplies, we finally completed the masterpiece.

    It's beautiful flower is packed with little over a gram of some dank, I think we should make these and plant them, and grow cannabis dutch tulips..


    Whaddyathink? :smoke:
  2. Where do you light it?
  3. You light the flower part, the massive bulb. The tube is a playing card rolled up with a paper around it for aesthetics :)
  4. Excellent work man, how'd it smoke? As if I even need to ask, you guys were probably higher than fuck.
  5. It smoked so smooth, you could just breathe normally through the tube and take the biggest hits. And at the end of it all we were left with an awesome ash tulip, it even looked dope after we finished smoking it!
  6. Nice! If all goes well I'll be getting an o on Sunday, and you've inspired me to roll a tulip haha so I'll post pics next week
  7. It doesn't actually use that much weed at all either, contrary to belief! You could make smaller ones too, but I find they are just smoother than your normal joint, and admit it, it's a sexy smoking method!
  8. Yeah if that one is only a bit more than a gram, I could roll like 28 of then and smoke one almost every day for a whole month. Ah damnit now i cant wait till Sunday haha
  9. That thing is awesome. How hard is it to roll? How quickly does it burn?
  10. very nice. i think i am going to try rolling one right now :smoke:
  11. Me and my friends went through a like 3 week phase of tulip joints sometime last year, the biggest one we made had a little over 2g's in it
  12. any tips on making one?

  13. There's a guy on YouTube who posts how to vids for different joints. Just search how to roll Dutch tulip and you should find it no problem.
  14. I actually find it easier to roll than a normal joint, basically you will need weed, 2 papers, a playing card and some string, and tape.

    You cut the playing card in half and roll it to make the bit stem, and tape it up. Then with your two papers you lick one of the gum strips and stick it on top of the other paper, this should make a big square. Lick the other gum strip and fold it diagonally so you are left with a nice little pouch. Stuff with weed, shove the stem in and tie it TIGHT. It has to be tight otherwise it just falls off. And thats it!

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