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First Qwiso :)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by H4rryBl4ckSt0ned, May 22, 2014.

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    hi all i just made my first batch of qwiso and have a few questions before using it. I used avb with the iso(99%) for a little less than 30 seconds. I then let it sit out for a day in a well ventilated room. The end result is not black but dark oil. How do i know if it is safe to use?. Are there any tests i can do to make sure no iso was left over? it doesn't smell at all like iso just a little weedy 

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    and if it's just qwiso, let it sit out for a few days if you're not entirely sure.
    even then, you could just throw it away to be extra safe. did you follow the guides on here?
  3. Iso is highly flammable so put a lighter to it and see what happens

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  4. Heres probably the best wash ive ever done. Just to give you idea.


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  5. yea it's definitely not the greatest oil conceived. its dark and sticky. I put a flame to it and all it does is melt and get runny. 
  6. Thats how i thought it was supposed to be. I didnt think it was supposed to be like the picture above.
  7. I believe the above picture is keif, that he used in the wash.
  8. If you do the quick wash and freeze your ISO and product beforehand you shouldn't get goop you should get at the least a pressed kind of hash but It won't be black. It comes out black because it pulls out chlorophyll and other contaminants from too long of a wash or not freezing materials. 30 seconds is the max but I shoot for 20 usually. That's 30 seconds of alcohol being on your product not 30 seconds of shaking. Also don't shake it vigorously, just swirl it around the container. Shaking it hard is going to give you a less pure end product. It's not like bubble where you have to agitate it pretty hard to get the tricks to fall off. The ISO dissolves and strips the the trichs it doesn't knock them clean off. A lot of it is trial and error until you get it perfect. Another tip is to have everything set up prior so you aren't fumbling around trying to strain your bud from the ISO when the time comes. I use a hash pressing screen for the first initial strain and double unbleached coffee filters for the final strain. I don't have any experience with abv but it seems like it would be hard to get anything but black goop out of it. IMO abv is better for cooking and tinctures than hash making. The lowest quality product I will use for qwiso is trim and sometimes stems. I did a stem/trim run the other night and it turned out dank. I'll put up a pic in a few.
  9. It will come out dark and runny because you are using to much heat to evaporate the alcohol out.

    Trim Nazi
  10. I've used heat and gotten powder before. You don't use heat because it degrades the potency of the final product. It comes out black from chlorophyll and other impurities.
  11. Nope. Sugar leaf trim actually:).

    I dont see why anyone would use just keif in qwiso. I could be wrong though.

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    Heres my process.

    Iso/material frozen over night.
    Material soaks in iso for 15 seconds.
    Shake for 30 seconds.
    Strain iso through mesh filter into pyrex cup
    Then I filter iso through a coffee filter inside another mesh strainer.
    Put a fan in front of it for 24 hrs
    Scrape n Enjoy

    @Suppa is 100% on having everything ready to go. QUICK is the name of the game.

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    It has a clear amber look to it when you hold it up to the light. It's pressed of course though because that's how I wanted it this time around. It shouldn't my stick to your fingers like goop will. This was made with garbage trim and stems and it came out better than I had expected. 3-4 hits and I'm strapping in for liftoff.

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