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  1. I'm currently looking toward the purchase of my first real bong, in fact GonG. All i have ever owned is very simple bongs with the rubber seals which are fine and have worked for over 10 years. I've been lurking these forums as well as doing my usual online research and have come across something i need, a strait tube glass on glass bong.

    Now i don't want to spend more than $200(Canadian hehe) all in, and i will be purchasing an A/C after the GonG maybe a birthday present ;) to myself. I was wondering if any of you extremely helpful and great people would be able to point me toward some good info. Be they informational websites, links and of course online store links to stuff you have stumbled upon maybe. Or hey even the ever important personal experiences as to what manufacturer, models or styles to go for.

    Any info or suggestions are welcome, and i thank you in advance.
  2. EHLE on EDIT. check it out man
  3. I was checking out some EHLE pieces and i can't seem to find a 45"+ i like, they all seem to have a god damn choke hole which is just really ghetto lol.

    I appreciate the help!

  4. first of all 45" is FUCKING huge... why do u need a 4 foot bong?

    second of all, i've never seen an EHLE with a carb, that's pretty weird...

    third of all, you didn't hear it from me, but

    *cough* *cough*

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    Sorry dude i meant 45cm lol, which is about half a meter or 1.5 feet tall.

    A lot of the EHLE pieces i found on google have carbs sadly.

    Wow thanks for that link, those are exactly what I'm looking for style wise.
  6. I just got a bong... <3 It's nice.

    Not helpful... sry.
  7. first of all a lot of Ehles have carbs

    second of all, y'all better start yanking some of these links before you get slapped with some temp bans.

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