First puppy any advice?

Discussion in 'Pets' started by Zedstomper, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Just me and him in my studio. Any advice

    Should i smoke him out?
  2. Not a puppy. When he's older would be good
  3. My advice, don't get puppy's high. It's already confused at being away from its mother and in a new place. Getting it high is just cruel.
  4. Walk him a lot while he is a pup so he knows to go outside
  5. don't let him pee on anything. and if you give him people food he will beg for it whenever you eat. also don't smoke him out. lol
  6. Love him with all your heart. And potty train.
  7. Train him while he's young and don't let it get away with stuff
  8. DO NOT get him high EVER!!!!!

    Walk him atleast twice a day, morning and night, play with him alot, I think you feed puppies 3 times a day, my dog is 7 and we feed him morning and night only, don't give him tons of people food, a little piece of like cheese is ok every now and then, take him to the vet regularly, potty train him, DON'T feed him grapes, chocolate, and I think it's nuts, those are very bad for them.

    All I got for now
  9. against gc forum advise, get rid of it and grow up

  10. So having a puppy means you're still a kid? You need to grow up.
  11. Depending on the breed, it always helps to start obedience training when the puppy is learning and getting used to his life with you.
    Get him sturdy toys so his teeth develop properly. Feed him on a set schedule. Feed him food meant for puppies, their nutritional needs are different than those of adult dogs.
    Leash training usually takes the longest for a puppy to understand, so start on that asap. Take him out often enough so that he learns to always go potty outside. Puppies do not have strong bladders, if he is taken outside enough this should not be a problem.
    Also, make sure he is socialized with both people and other dogs. He needs to learn how to behave around both. Sometimes puppies need to learn things the hard way. For example, if he doesn't respect another dog's space, then let the other dog dominate him and put him in his place, as long as it isn't physically harmful for either dog.
    I will not comment too much on the smoking part, just make sure he is comfortable with his surroundings before thinking about anything else. Dogs can get paranoid and anxious too!
  12. lot of bs..dont get ur pet high..dont get u high..feed ur pet the thc cuz the smoke is a bit hot for there lungs directly..when rode trip great time ..when u alter it..great time for pain..when u hanging out ..and if they dont like it they wont eat it...any who puppy to 8 months try just teaching it come sit stay down thats it..remember its a learning time not a correcting time that will come later after a lot of repeting...only correct the come comand.. and dont forget to get ur pets stoned they have brains predesinged for cannanoids too sry bout the spelling for all the nit pickers hehe ...peace love
  13. Zed, you are likely to have a mod slap your hand soon! Can't talk about getting animals or minors high! It is in the rules you said you read when you signed up!

  14. Look up crate training...its the best way to housetrain your dog, the newspaper method just teaches them to piss anywhere.

    Also, dont feed them scraps from the table otherwise it'll turn into a beggar.

    And don't smoke it out unless you want to freak him/her the fuck out and be all fucked in the head. As a puppy at least
  15. I have to weigh in and say that getting a pet stoned is a horrible idea. You choose to smoke, they don't. As Storm Crow said, it's against the rules at GC to talk about it. The best advice is to get a good vet, treat your pet with love and respect and train your pup to use the bathroom outside, walk well on a leash and make sure there is always clean water around for them to drink. Some other good suggestions in here, crate training, no people food.

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