First proper grow, questions plus journal to come

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    Hey everyone,

    So I finally got everything together to start my first grow. I've always been interested in growing, and have experimented with a CFL grow before.

    So my equipment is as follows:

    • 4'x2'x7' grow tent
    • 400W digital ballast
    • 1 MH bulb, 2 HPS bulbs
    • Batwing reflector
    • 4" Aerosung inline fan (190 CFM) + filter
    • 90W LED UFO

    I had bought the LED UFO a little while ago with intentions of using it with a CFL grow but never did. I am hoping to get some use out of it as side/under lighting at some point.

    I will be using 5 feminized White Rhino seeds. Do not want to waste time with any males, definitely worth the extra money.

    The tent will be placed in my bedroom in an open closet, and is flush with the wall of the 'closet' so it is not noticeable from the entrance of the room. Stealth is not really an issue, however I will want to keep the smell to a minimum.

    I will be home tomorrow to set everything up and will put up some pictures. I will also do a test and see what the temperatures are like. I'm hoping it won't get too hot, I have a clip on fan to use on the reflector and am looking into getting a cool tube.

    Open to any suggestions and advice. Obviously will be easier once I put up pictures. Have tons of questions, will get rolling very soon.
  2. Ok well I'm gonna start with the questions. I won't be back to my apartment until tomorrow or maybe Thursday as I'm in the city gathering the rest of my equipment and running some errands.

    For pots, I want to use a 'smart pot' type container and I have found some locally, the root pouch. However for size they have a 2 gallon and then a 10 gallon and bigger. I have a 7' tall tent so I wanted to go with a bigger sized container, but the 10 is definitely too big.

    What do you guys recommend?

    Also in terms of soil, what should I look for?

    For the White Rhino strain, they recommend a medium-low pH (5.7 hydro / 5.8 soil) that is slowly increased until it reaches 6.5 at the end of flowering.
  3. Sounds like you know what you are doing.

    In terms of pots, a general rule of thumb is allow a gallon per month you want the plant around. I have also heard per foot of healthy plant you want. I am using either 2 or 2.5 gallon pots and have had my plants since late August. They are not that tall, but I induced flowering at a little under 1 foot due to the height of my tent. When you decide to switch into flowering, keep in mind you should allow your plants at LEAST double the height of themselves, as they can potentially double in height, for me with my 600w lamp, I had to keep them a decent distance from the light, so I had to do some math there.

    I am rambling a little bit, anyway, I am wrapping up my first grow in terms of soil I read a while ago if you can't get your hands or lack of funds on Fox Farm (which seems to be very popular here) To go with anything Organic. That is what I did, I know it is probably looked down upon here, but this is my first grow and was a learning experience. I went to Home Depot and grabbed a bag of generic organic soil.

    I hope this helped. :D Welcome to the world of growing :D
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    So here are some updates, I'm about 8 days in with my first set of seedlings.

    Three out of the five White Rhino girls are doing very well. One was having a hard time losing the seed, and I was able to get it off today but her leaf seems a little deformed, hopefully she bounces back. The last one hasn't really done much. I can see some green but it seems to be having a hard time going up. Not sure if its going to make it.

    The next 5 seeds are 2 feminized Cheese and 3 King's Kush, all from GHS. I germinated them in water and most of them sprouted within 24 hours. They've been in the soil for a few days now, I think they're slowly emerging but I feel like they should be going faster.

    I attached a couple of pictures, just got my cool tube so I'm messing with the height of my light and what not. I really hope all of these other ones sprout as more seeds are out of the budget. I want to have 6-8 healthy plants.

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    Day 10:

    4 out of the 5 White Rhino made it, I dumped the last one as it was not doing anything. One of them still has the deformed leaf from the seed, and one of them seems to be drooping a little bit.

    The other 5 seeds I had no luck with, and I blame it on the germination. Even though I germinated them for the same time, none of the taproots were as long as the White Rhino's. I poked them around a little and it's obvious that none of them were doing anything.

    I'm going to pick up another 5 seeds at some point in the next few days. Let me know how the other plants are looking, and if I should be concerned for the deformed one or one that is starting to droop.

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  6. So I grabbed a 5 pack of Big Bang feminized seeds. Got them for $28, out of the budget but cheap enough. They germinated for 24 hours in water, and all but one had visible taproots. Planted them in solo cups.

    I'm a little worried about the White Rhino plants. The one with the deformed leaf still seems to be lagging a bit, and is just a bit odd.

    One of them is drooping quite a bit which I believe is from over watering. I was over-watering them at the beginning but now I let them become quite dry before watering. I regret using the fiber cups, they dry out very fast.

    The others are showing yellowing tips on some of the leaves. This I believe is a nute burn? The soil that I'm using is just an organic potting soil, with no time release nutrients. I have not used any nutrients, just water.

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