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First problem I've ever had with weed (two problems).

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by chirdbrah, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. My problem is that where I live Dubois PA, I don't get to get my hands on anything but just plain normal no differnece weed; that sometimes breaks up like brick. Normally thats been working pretty well up untill now, I recently traded a oz for a guitar effect station I didn't use anymore, smoked some with friends untill I came to Pit. PA for the weekend and rolled what I had left in joints (alot) and at first I could get ripped after one, now I smoke one and feel barely anything for 15min max. Each one has 1/2g of dubois finest (almost as bad as brick) and I smoked about a quarter.

    So my two questions: Why has my tolernce built up in the last weekend more then it has in the past 4 months of heavy toking? How the fuck can I actully get a cut of something good without going a hour away or growing it myself (parents...).

    Other then that anyone know I good way of testing and seeing if your parents are okay with your thc consumption?
  2. make friends.....

    who smoke...

  3. I have alot of friends that smoke, I'm just down here to watch my sisters place while she is gone.

    Edit: All of my firends get ahold of the same people I do. I'm friends with him but all he ever gets from the big dude is the same stuff as always...

  4. ????? light a jay in front of them
  5. Seems to me like your tolerance either A. Built up before but you smoked so much you didn't realize it? Or B. You're tolerance has no changed in the least bit,,, You're just smoking mexican shitty brick weed...

    You could go to the local headshops and slyly mention marijuana and see where that gets you.. Look for some kids that look like complete stoners and ask them to hook u up (not my choice but it's an option if you're desperate)

    Grow your own or find a decent connect are your only 2 options for getting some good quality weed. Ask around man.

    And about the parents thing... Mention something about weed... Oh this is a good one, I actually talked to my mom tonight about this lol

    Talk about Harold and Kumar go to Guantanamo Bay - and explain who they ended up going to guantanamo bay (Them getting arrested for smoking weed on a airplane and building a bong but everybody thought it was a bomb because the smoke came out and everyone was yelling ahhhh POISONOUS GAS!!)
    lol See if they laugh.. My mom cracked up :smoke:
  6. The local headshop is a hour away in State College, Jamaca Junctions or w/e...

  7. qft!!
  8. Fuck smoking schwag, man. As already stated, grow your own.
  9. I live in Indiana PA which isn't far from you and I can get from schwag to some fairly dank stuff.
  10. Tis called strain tolerance, tends to happen when u smoke the fuck out of the game grow for awile... Best way to cure it is with some differant buds...
  11. Seriously i wont even buy schwag (Not that there is much schwag up here in good old marijuana friendly washington. :)
  12. I think me and my buddie are going to set up a couple plants at his house and order some seeds from a bank. I don't expect it to go well being our first grow but we'll see.
  13. its almost laughable how hard it is to find brick in northern california. i cant seem to find it anywhere. apparently we only legalized dank shit in Cali :)
  14. For your first grow I'd suggest just using some bagseed out of a nice sack... Would suck to drop the cash on some top notch seeds and fuck them up...

  15. You end up smoking the BC BUD!!! :cool:
  16. Basically, your screwed! Just figure it out man, this isn't something we can help you with!
  17. Yeah you just need to go to a fucking concert n bring some J's. I smoke good shit neway but I thought up this cuz im baked....Cuz i recently just got back from DMB at Alpine, and I had a ton of J's for when i get em past security in to the concert. Then I just smoke my shit with my buddies and people will just ask for a hit. I pass it to em and i was in a cool group of guys, and everyone smoking (20-60 year olds). So Smoke with em, and they will likely smoke with you back. Ask em where they get there good stuff, but be sly about it dont be obvious you looookin.

    P.S. Dont worry that your smoking brick weed, cuz they will be to ripped to know. lol i know for a fact if the guys i was with were smoking shitty weed, I was 2 fucked to know. lol
  18. Trust me... bad weed beats NO weed anyday!

  19. yea we get pretty good weed up here. but its kinda dry right now i got this shit that is like brown and smells really funny but it does get me high so im not complaining.

  20. thats for damn sure. washington is the shit. haha :smoking:

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