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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by 95greengoblin, May 9, 2010.

  1. I've done some research and read a lot of information on how to do this but i'm still confused, just recently picked up the grow bible.

    The thing that concerns me is this.

    hydro vs soil

    organic vs soil and nutrients, which is better?

    also how do you set up your grow,
    I notice a lot of people on here have closets well I have a room that is 12x12
    ready just need to see how its all set up so I guess if i can have some pics of your bigger set ups that would be great,
    cause in an apartment how am i going to setup my intake and exhaust?
    Do I have to find a way to pull the air out? its hard not able to have that much structure options with it being an apt room.

    also the lights is a big thing, I see so many options

    well I have to say my biggest fear is the energy part, I don't want my level to be sky rocket high ( my light bill) to where it brings attention.

    how do I keep everything discreet?

    anyway, I'm really sorry if this has been asked a lot but i've been reading and can't find anything that truely answers my questions, this is a first post so please take it easy on me fella's.


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