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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by EvasiceIllusion, May 30, 2003.

  1. Well this is my first post so i think i should introduce myself... jus call me Evasive, contrary to the dam user name I submitted when I was high lol Well im workin on starting my own garden for the first time but feels like I've already done it 100 times from all the growguides n posts I been reading. I want to start off my babies on flouro's for the early vegging but am wondering when would be a good time to switch to HPS. Also was thinkin if I got the Son Argo type HPS if it would be necessary to purchase the flouros at all.

    Toke long and prosper
  2. use HPS for vegging aswell as flowering, will work far better than lil flouros.
    whats its wattage?
  3. I've just reviewed one of the growguides and it say optimal range for lighting is 2000-2500 lumens psf, whatever those are and I want to get a 250 or 400 watt HPS or possibly the color corrected Son Argo HPS. Well it says they put out 27,000/30,000 lumens for the 250w and 50,000/53,000 for the 400w, so does this mean i can use a single 250 HPS for nearly 10 plants!? Doesn't quite sound right to me so thought it would be a qood question. Another thing I was pondering when thinkin about possible initial cost for a decent setup was how often will i have to be replacing the bulbs during a growing cycle? Anyone know how much the HPS bulbs are off the top of their head?

    - i think 250w 4' flouro would be a good fixture for two plants??
  4. aim for approx 2000-3000 lumens per plant, and yes it will do 10 plants, but with a good room, well ventilated, and also painted white, or covered in mylar, as for HPS bulb prices, they're pretty expensive where i come from.....approx £60 for a 400W...........good luck.......Peace out........Sid

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