First post, share your tips with me! Need a little help with the smell i think.

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  1. The first post of many here, can't believe I haven't gone here for advice before... So, here in MO there are still restrictions on smoking and i live in apartment. Just as recent as the 22nd i walked down the third floor and there stood two police officers putting black gloves on being very quite, here only to investigate the smell of weed. Keep in mind my neighbors below me are not too smart and smoke on the balcony at like 3:30 when kids are playing below and parents outside, so it is safe to say someone shot their mouth off to the managers and they called the police or i don't know, bottom line there are two porky's below my apartment looking for the herb.

    I smoke generally whenever i want however i go to the bathroom, light two candles or wax burners behind me, shut the door, turn on exhaust fan and turn a air circulation fan outside the door. My fiance has a pregnant nose so she can generally always smell it but i manage to keep the smell stationary in the restroom until it has dissipated enough to air it out and open the doors to the house. This is all cool with me as long as i can blaze at night and stuff but besides the typical Ozium, boob tubes, and buying a vape, what are some tips on cutting down the smell and relieving some of the stress of lighting up...

    Also, on a side note. Everyone has tips on getting the most efficient and effective bong rip, does anyone have tips on getting more out of your hit? My favorite piece is my 6" Zong water pipe i have because it is easy to keep clean and i can hide it well. It only has enough room in the bowl for a maybe .1 or .2 hit, so i pack it full and choke it down, usually burning the fuck out of my throat but it leaves me feeling like a took a dab or something for a few minutes after. I may be doing all i can to increase my effects, just thought maybe some stoners have some hidden tricks i don't know about. (gravity bong, ghosting hits, hot wands, hemp wick) I'm obviously no noob, just looking for the hidden vault of bong hit perfection.
  2. Super sketchy about the boys in blue lurking at your place. I'd be extra careful after seeing that!

    As you mentioned in your post, a vape dramatically reduces the smell compared to smoking. I'd go as far as saying it smells 85-90 percent less, and the Magic Flight (best out there in my book) can be had for under a hundred bucks. It pays for itself after a year or so (depending on how much MJ you use) due to its efficiency.

    Regardless of vaping or smoking- the smell, it helps a ton in my experience if you turn on a regular box fan or oscillating fan before you start chiefing, and don't turn it off until a good while after you're done. For added protection light some Nag Champa etc but only let it burn for a few seconds, definitely not longer than a minute, unfortunately your Average Joe Weed Hater is wise to that game. If you're done smoking/vaping and it still smells, cooking or reheating some food really masks the smell better than air fresheners and such. Popcorn is #1 for annihilating the smell of vaping.

    As for your bong rip question, I'd invest in a snap sized bowl if you're intent on bonging at home. A bowl that packs about the same amount as your average one-hitter pipe; they're definitely not super common to see around but they're out there. Not only do you cut down on excess smoke being released (lost smoke efficiency and smell concern), but you get a perfectly green fresh hit every time. A friend had one of these bowls and it turned me off of any other style of bong bowl forever.

    Best of luck!

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  3. Take this advice from me. I used to just do the two steps when i used to live with my mum. Id just blow the smoke out the window. I had a hose that went through the window. So i would blow the smoke through the hose and the smoke would blow out away from the house. Since your worried about smell you should use step 3 instead of this!!!

    1: Inhale and exhale long and slow 3 times. On the 3rd inhale go extra big and make sure to exhale ALL the air.

    2: Only pack enough for you to clear in one hit without excess smoke coming off the burning bud. You want to burn that bud down to ash so no smoke escapes. Yo folowin me? Start small!!!

    3: Make a sploof. Look it up. you blow the smoke through the tube filled with dryer sheets and it filters the smell, leaving a nice fresh smell that makes it smell like you did a load of washing. Maybe you could make a sploof and attatch it to a hose that goes outside your house? get what im sayin?

    This is a sploof

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