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first post, one hit wonder, and custom made smoking devices

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by custum stuph, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. hey hows it going bros, i smoked the best bud i ever smoked yesterday. my friend is in a super rich neighborhood and obviously knows where to get the good stuph. one hit and i was good'n high for a few hours, then still felt it this morning. yeah so anyway, I'm in chicago and used to shitty weed. damn ghetto dealers lol. this was probably straight from mexico, guys in that town got private planes lol. yeah so about my name, i have a metal foundry and i do custom cast aluminum and brass/bronze parts for engines. also make smoking devices, i'll post up a pic of my first bowl i made from aluminum. sold 2 others just like it for $15 each. will be making a bong soon, i'll use a big copper tube and make the base out of aluminum. bowl parts will be brass as well as the bowl stem, otherwise people will bitch at me about how it causes brain problems. i believe it may be true for cookware when acidic foods can dissolve some metal, but will not happen in a smoking device. it needs to get to 1200 degrees to melt, if your bowl got that hot u would stop smoking it lol. i believe there is no way aluminum can get in the smoke. scuba tanks are made of aluminum. no way in hell aluminum bowls will hurt you in any way.
  2. We like pictures... They intrigue us. They make us happy.
  3. yes, yes. sunday or monday, i'm outa town. anybody here make their own bowls or bongs?
  4. sounds cool man, looking forward to pics

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