First Post! New bong! Bought from 4/20 sale on GC!

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  1. What's up guys! This is my first 'real' post on GC and I hope that it's in the right section lol :wave:
    Anyways, these past couple days I've been really debating on spending a small chunk of my paycheck on a new piece. Partially because I've been wanting one for awhile now, and also because my friend just recently got one too. I really miss that initial "honeymoon phase" you have when you get a new piece. While browsing around on the interwebs I found this little gem and it was PERFECT for what I was looking for... almost.
    I got it in black and it honestly looks so sexy and aesthetically pleasing to me, idk why lol.
    Now I understand that there are 3 types of these 8.5inch helix style water pipes (beaker, straight tube w/ integrated downstem, and straight tube w/o integrated downstem) but is there one that I should really be buying over the other? I smoke mostly just dry herbs and I ended up getting the bong with the attached downstem due to aesthetics and the fact that it's just 2 piece (bong and bowl piece) instead of 3 (bong, downstem, bowl piece) So yeah if anyone owns or has smoked any of these 3 pieces let me know.

    Sorry about the really long post, I'm pretty stoned right now and just feel like rambling. Happy smoking!:love-m3j:

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  2. I know the feeling. My first ultra heady piece came in on 4/20. New glass is like Christmas. [​IMG]

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