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  1. Sup guys, been a member for forever but havent visited in a while. I started recently two bag seed plants. I wish i could get my hands on more seeds but sadly the only small amount of weed i have is fruit and has no seeds :( Probably wont be getting too serious with this, due to a low budget. Like i highly doubt i will ever go get nutes or anything. Im just starting this for you guys to have some fun and follow along and give me some tips as i go along. Heres the babies.

    Figure they wont be flowering till the september time frame in my area right? If all they need is 12/12 to switch that is hopefully i got some kind of auto flower! lol


  2. thats two different plants, as well.
  3. Off to a good start. Not a fan of the minimal effort grows, but hey if its for fun then why the hell not?!

    Good luck making it to harvest with no nutrients you prefer smoking grass or dank?
  4. Of course i like fruit/dank lol. If i have the money i will get some. If anyone suggests to me like i said id be glad to see what i can do i just dont have a lot of resources. Well see how it goes.
  5. Right so if you like dank the two best ways to achieve this is quality genetics and sufficient nutrients. You unfortunately have neither, however like I said it is still quite fun to grow, but worth the risk with minimal reward? I suppose you have to answer that yourself, I would say yes...but a part of me doesn't agree. Not sure if any of this makes sense, had a few bedtime bowls.

    As for the nutrients. Your going to have to shell a little green, in order to get some green in return. The problem comes when you only have two bag seed that unfortunately could both be male. So you would end up buying expensive nutrients for nothing.

    The fact of the matter is that you do not want to spend more than you will get in return...obviously. So what about this option, go to a local garden store and buy some worm castings, bat guano, and bone/blood meal. That should only run you...$30 if you buy the small quantities. Way cheaper than any liquid nutrients, I think. Anyways you'll need an airstone which cost like 5 bucks to brew the compost teas that you feed your girls (hopefully).

    Sheesh this turned longer than I thought. Super tired so not going to revise it, but pm if ya have a question.

  6. Took the words rite out of my mouth, cheap and will transform your plants!
  7. Id like to know more about this airstone method you speak of, ill have to look it up. I havent been able to check the plants out lately, one got hit with a mower. The other one was looking strong im sure its kinda big by now. Well not big, but you know. Maybe pictures later today. I got arrested with a scale and a quarter so things may be kind of delayed and im not even sure if i will be able to continue this but im going to try.
  8. Uhhh...throw in the towel :/
  9. Tall and skinny. My guess is tht its stretched from being outside where the sun is (obviously) really far away. Any advice?

  10. Should i just repot and bury up to those two bottom leaves or bury over them?
  11. Bury it to the first set of true leaves. The cotyledons will die off anyways.
  12. ok will do tomorrow. Thanks for the help. Is there any other ways i could optimize this grow? What about when i repot if i looked up some kind of organic soil mix would it be worth it? I mean obviously it would but should i do that and more or what? I think its looking pretty healthy myself.
  13. If you want to invest money and have it be a male...sure. It is really up to you. Could be female. What happened to the second one? You could go with minimal nutrients but it will probably slowly yellow and die during flower w/o sufficient nutrients. But like I said before, investing money for a male is a no no. yourself some good soil. Even if it only has nutrients for a month or two. Even if it's a male, it will be one hell of a better looking male than it would of been ;)
  14. Hopefully it isnt a male lol. Someday i want to setup a perpetual 2 room maybe 6 plant cycle with a seperate minimal box for the mother. But that day has to wait for a while. The other was hit with a lawn mower. :smoke: Updates soon if this things still alive
  15. Does this look better?


  16. Yes and no.

    Looks much more supported, however you need to let that bitch dry out! It is starting to look really over watered. What happened to buying the organic potting soil?! You need some perlite in their to drain the water so your roots can breathe. She'll pull through if ya do that.
  17. Also will it just stretch again?
  18. Not if it has enough light. 6-8 hours of direct sunlight is optimal anything more is better.
  19. Man you're gunna b pissed lol but it's in some miracle grow now. And it's been raining so that's why it's a little droopy. I'm in the process of finding a new spot. It's ok now but I need to find a spot where it can get big and finish at. If the mg soil starts to burn it then I will repot into some organic potting soil. If it does ok I'll try to make a better mix for the next repot. Money is tight but if I find a suitible spot and find a way to try and 12 12 it for a week or two inside to be sure it's female then I will invest.
  20. plant is coming along great! Slow but good. And i found a friend today. pics in a second.

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