First Post, Have no family so I got myself a Christmas gift.

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  1. Please don't get me wrong, I still got people presents and stuff, just figured what the heck. My first Christmas alone and wanted to treat myself.

  2. damn thats intense man.
    sorry you spent the holidays alone.

    but atleast you have a dope piece to rip!
  3. Well, Merry Christmas from your GC Granny! That looks like it is quite a work of art and science! Hope you have something worthy to break it in with!

    Granny (toking on some OG Kush)
  4. looks a solid purchase enjoy it man
  5. filthy set up, Merry Christmas bro
  6. Thanks all! I will report back as to how nicely it treats me after my first use.
  7. Sorry you had to spend the holidaze alone man! That's a sick piece you got though, super intense. I'm coming over ;). :bongin:

    Welcome to GC man, hope you like it.
  8. shit how much did that cost?
  9. The main piece was $170, the 3 chamber ash catcher was $75, I saw them together in the shop after looking at a couple with it and couldn't resist!

    I wanted something all scientific-lab looking.
  10. Interesting setup
  11. Yo dawn I put a ash catch on yo ash catch and a perc on yo perc so you can filter smoke while you filter smoke.

    That is all.

  12. lol

    Come on over

  13. Hopefully it plays nice.

  14. Thanks, I have been ghosting here for a while.
  15. damn i wish santa brought that for me!! lol

    you should post a vid of you ripping that beast!

  16. I might have to do that! Tis a cute little device!
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    Repping some MN Legit glass huh? Rep for buying local, quality glass over some mass-produced Chinese shit.

    Did you but that from one of The Hideaway's locations?
  18. sick setup man, can I see some pics of that a/c!
  19. damn, hows the drag with that ash catcher?
  20. I will try and post some more pics.

    The first use was very nice! Very little drag, I have a Full Size water pipe and this has less drag, I think due to the bowl.

    The bowl is the type that is a huge bowl with 8 pieces of blown glass pushed in instead of just a tiny hole in the center.

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