first post for me. Brownies and Knotts didnt go too well

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  1. So last summer my friends and I had the best idea ever, going to Disneyland baked. Long story short it was one of the best experiences of my life. We packed spliffs out of cigarettes with about an eighth of really good stuff, and smoked them by the dock on the Rivers of America.
    Indiana Jones, Star Tours, Space Mountain were all really cool, and the pasta at Pizza Port was delicious. We also made sure to save a spliff so we could smoke it right before Fantasmic and the fireworks at night. If you live anywhere in SoCal, I highly recommend this experience.

    But that was last year, and this year we wanted to do something different. So we decided Knott's would be a good change of pace - more rollercoasters and fast rides and most importantly DIPPIN DOTS! We decided to make brownies for this occasion because it was kind of a hassle smoking our spliffs at Disneyland. So this was our first time baking brownies and they turned out extremely well. We picked up a quad of dank, used half of it to make the brownies and saved the other half for smoking during the rest of summer. I was worried the brownies wouldn't work because all the recipes I looked up called for like 1/2 oz - 1 oz of shwag, but it's hard to find shwag in SoCal so I figured an eighth of chronic should work.

    We used one box of brownie mix and cut it up into 16 pieces. I wanted to make sure i got high so I ate 2 pieces, and it took about an hour for the effects to really kick in. The first ride we went on was Ghostrider, and it was pretty fucking amazing. Next we went on Silver Bullet which was really cool because it takes you over the water and you really feel like you're flying. But by this time, I was feeling higher than I've ever been in my whole life. Two pieces of brownie was wayy too much. My friend was feeling super sick after going on Silver Bullet so he just sat on a bench for like an hour. And the higher I got, the more I realized that Disneyland might be more expensive but it's way more worth it. Disneyland just has this ambience with all the decorations and buildings that really transports you to another place. Knott's had shitty decorations and you could tell they just didn't put the effort into it.

    So basically, if you're gonna go to a theme park and get high, go to Disneyland. And an 1/8 is plenty enough to make brownies, as long as its the good stuff. And 1 brownie should be enough to get you space baked.

    P.S. Decided that the next theme park we're going to is California Adventure. Heard that Soaring Over California is way crazy when you're baked.
  2. The adjustment to edibles messes up a lot of people, because they take so long to kick in, that people always want to consume too much. Glad you survived, you know that cop in Detroit who ate the brownies he had confiscated thought he was dying! Good story!

    Magic Mountain, Magic Mushrooms, need I say more?
  3. Im gonn amake a whole batch and eat evry single one of them... gonna be hella fun
  4. i smoked at six flags the other day, and it wasn't even close to as fun as i would think. WAY to much walking...

    I'll try disneyland next.
  5. yea plus you gotta wait in every god damn line for a good 1-2 hours

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