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  1. Hey guys! Can't wait to meet some new friends! I'm in Southern Ontario Canada 26 and just got my license for production at the beginning of December 2012. (got a shitty spine)

    License is for 15 plants but I'm only running 6-7 for this first grow.

    I ordered:

    1 x 5 pack of Bubba Kush Feminzed from Greenhouse Seeds
    1x 5 Pack of Lemon Skunk Feminzed from Greenhouse Seeds

    I made a crappy humidity dome that kept 96% humidity 24 hours a day to germinate and sprout them.

    Once I noticed roots coming through the bottoms of the rockwool cubes (pre-soaked with tap water and PH perfect sensi grow & 1/4 dose of potassium silicate) I transferred the starter cubes (3) into (pre-soaked) 3-1/2" rockwool cubes and put 2 into hydroton in my DWC setup without larger cubes.

    I just today put the 2 other seedlings into soil in a 4 gal pot. ( I Know soil next to dwc is a no-no but its a sterile tent and I keep things clean and want to experiment because i have the extra space and seedlings.

    The soil seedlings are about 1 week behind in growth compared to the 5 DWC plants.

    I'm running a 600watt HPS/MH set up (not air cooled)
    I have a 160CFM Inline Duct Fan and 4 FT of Duct sucking hot air out of the side top of the sealed tent.

    I have 2 standup oscilating fans for circulation and cooling but I have to keep the tent door wide open to keep temperatures down 5 degrees or so.

    Temperatures are usually 27.2 deg C - 31.1 deg C (I know I need a cool air intake fan but I dont have the $80.00 to buy one right now and set it up). Should the room be much cooler?

    The Humidity is usually about 30% all the time in the room so I was thinking about a cool air mist humidifier? That a good idea or is the humidity fine? Will it cool the tent at all?

    Please give suggestions or comments.

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  2. This is exceptional work for a first time grow friend.

    Your temp is getting a little bit high - keep it below 30c

    what lighting are you using right now? the metal halide?

    start preparing a vege room when these get a little bit bigger - get a little 6400k cfl in there.

    When these babies are drying out you can have new ones straight onto flower!
  3. Hey Noam! thanks for the reply! Yup I've got the MH bulb in right now and will switch to an HPS for flower. I'm working on a little veg box right now, hopefully, I'll have some cash flow or get a job and be able to get it build and lit within the next 1-1/2 months so I can take clones before flowering (was hoping to clone when I top the crap outta these or chop the lowers). I'm really tryin my best to make this professional and successful the first time around so that I'm not screwed buyin medication out on the street from some dude lacing it with his pubes lol.
  4. Looks good so far with your setup, as far as the humidity, when you get your plants in the tent it should go up just a little.... my humidity ranges from 30-35% and I get good results. Watch your temps.... otherwise gl.
  5. Good luck brother. I just finished some bubba and she turned all purple. Cool looking plants. It's drying now so ill hit you up with a smoke report the moment I puff it. It was pretty simple to grow though ill say that about it

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  6. Thanks for the replies guys! I hope this grow goes well. I changed the res for the first time (unfortunatly had no time to let the water de-chlorinate - the soil plant is getting a nutrient solution of 1/3 strength Sensi Grow PH Perfect A+B, .25ml of root booster, and 4 drops of potassium silicate mixed in room temp water filtered through a brita water filter)

    The 95L resivor this change g0t:

    28.5ml Sensi Grow PH Perfect A+B (Advanced)
    7.5ml Potassium Silicate (DNF)
    4 ML Root Booster (CDN TIRE CRAP)

    Here's a set of pics 3 days after the last set. How are they doing?

    Res temp is 79 deg F
    Room temp is 28 deg C
    Humidity is 30%

    Everything looks happy:confused:

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  7. has anyone ever tried using one of those sonic mist makers things (Asian takeaways) to raise humidity?
  8. don't know what that is? like a cool mist humidifier? I think I'm gonna throw one of those in the tent when I have a bit of cash. I think I can get one for about $50 cdn and may cool down the tent a little bit. It's up around 28.5 today and humidity is down to 26% tonight. Birthday is feb 1st so if all goes accordingly I may be able to upgrade the tent a little :) I'm thinking I'll buy some fluorecent lights and building a little veg tent next to the main tent. Only problem is I only have 2 FT x 3 FT and 4 FT tall for a veg area at max. I'm also thinking of a small humidity dome on top of the veg area for cloning with 1-2 compact fluro lights. I'm also going to order up some overdrive and final phase from advanced nutrients to complete the nutrient recipe. I'm going to tweak it each time until I find what really works well for my plants.

    Any suggestions to safely use a window a/c unit (5000btu) without it being hooked up to a window? My grow tent is in my basement back room so it's a closed off laundry room with 1 entrance and no windows and the closest place for me to vent is my dryer exhaust which is about 20FT from my tent.
    I don't really know what to do to get my temps down another 3-4 degrees celcius.

    Same thing with my res. temp. It's at 79.4 degrees ferenheit right now and I know that's 6-8 degrees too hott right? How the F do I continually cool my res to around 71 degrees without using frozen pop bottles? I don't have the freezer space or time to refreeze them every 2 or 3 hours.

    thanks for the help guys:D
  9. dont buy the additives - none of them do anything - Canna boost is my favourite example of this - get the humidity up to above 45% and a CFL sounds good - Probably best to buy a daylight 6400k to supplement your HPS during the flower stage

    I'm super impressed with how its looking so far buddy.
  10. Oh and you should totally be growing 15 if your prescription lets you -

    I wish my ancestors had been impoverished and desperate for a new life - then i'd be able to have a prescription!
  11. Ya im definatly thinkin about kicking it up to more like 10 the next time around. I'm not going by the amount of plants but the size yield and quality of the plants. I figure if I lst, top, tie down and up all of the ladies and veg for a month or so then I should pull a fairly decent yield off them.

    I also stopped playing some COD to lower my lights. I dropped the light about 1-1/2 FT because I was pretty far off of them before (probably 3 FT)
  12. Beautiful!

  13. Ya really gorgeous looking girl man good work on that! I would smoke the shit outta ur green lol

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