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  1. Very nice! :)
  2. hey nice grow mate, just wondering how long did u veg for? and what height is the scrog net from the top of the plant pots?
  3. Thanks johnboy.

    I vegd for about 6 weeks. But I think the high temps I had stunted my growth for a while.

    The screen is only a few inches off the top of the pots. That was a bad move on my behalf. I didn't fill the pots as much as I should have.

    My next grow (if I do another scrog) the pots will be fuller and my screen will be at least a foot off the top of the pots. It's just too hard to work under there.
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    Hey everyone.
    Just back with my weekly pic update on my first try at indoor growing.
    Today marks week 6, day 1 (day 36) of flowering.
    So as of today, it's water only for these ladies. I'll give them the detox treatment until their now reasonably abundant trichomes have started to amber up.
    The leaves that are mostly in shadow underneath the top of the canopy, are continuing to do their job by feeding the slowly swelling colas, which are now getting a nice touch of frost on them.
    Anyway, I know we're at least 2 or 3 weeks from harvest still. I can't wait to see these beauties get fat and frosty. ;)
    Plant 1
    b0704a1.jpg b0704a2.jpg b0704a3.jpg
    Plant 2
    b0704b1.jpg b0704b2.jpg b0704b3.jpg
    Plant 3
    b0704c1.jpg b0704c2.jpg b0704c3.jpg
    . . . and FD is championing the cause. The fattest and densest of the bunch . . .
    b0704f1.jpg b0704f2.jpg b0704f3.jpg
    Group shot
    Edit:- Sorry about some of the pics. I took them on my phone, and every time you exit out to gallery, it resets the settings back to default (Auto). I take pics with the light correction on Incandescent. So yeah, sorry about the assaulting orange glare on some pics.
  5. Hey guys.
    These pics were taken on Day 43 of flowering (Week 7, Day 1).
    Been feeding them straight pH'd water for the past 2 weeks or so.
    Leaves are progressively yellowing throughout plants. Still looking and smelling fantastic.
    On with the show.
    Plant 1
    b1404a1.jpg b1404a2.jpg b1404a3.jpg
    Plant 2
    b1404b1.jpg b1404b2.jpg b1404b3.jpg
    Plant 3
    b1404c1.jpg b1404c2.jpg b1404c3.jpg
    . . . and Freaky Deaky . . .
    b1404f1.jpg b1404f2.jpg b1404f3.jpg b1404f4.jpg
    Group shot
  6. Nice looking plants you got there! :) great coloration
  7. Very nice looking plants!

    I was gonna ask earlier, what did you have mulched on too of your soil?
  8. Thanks Leafy. I'm pretty pleased with the way they're looking at the moment. Some may finish sooner than others. But I might cut them all at the same time to see how different the smoke is. I like to experiment.

    Cheers xanderjd. I don't have anything mulched on top of my coco. Just straight coco in 3 pots, and a 50/50 mix of coco and perlite in the smaller pot that Freaky Deaky is in.
  9. Freaky Deaky looks AWESOME!
  10. Thanks javadude. I'm definitely going with a 50/50 mix of coco and perlite in all my pots for my next grow.
  11. Hey guys n gals.
    Just popping in to share my latest grow update.
    The girls are looking great, and smelling really nice. I had to tie them up today (Day 50, Week 8 Day 1 of flowering) to give a few mains a little support. I have found that another thing I hadn't thought about, was the height of the scrog net being correlated to amount of support for flowering branches. Being very low and close to the base of the plant does next to nothing for supporting flowering branches. So I tied some string onto the heavier branches and anchored them. And as I was moving plant matter to do so, the smell coming from the disturbed colas was inebriating. :love:
    In checking the trichomes, they all seem to be maintaining their clarity bar a few cloudy ones that are starting to pop up. The calyxes are really starting to swell as pistils orange up and die off. The front 2 plants are much greener and lush than the 2 at the back, and have less pistils dying off. I'm wondering if this is due to them getting more air circulation around them when I open the doors?
    Oki doki . . . that's about all the news I have. Thanks for reading.
    And now for tonight's presentation . . . :bongin:
    Plant 1
    b2104a1.jpg b2104a2.jpg b2104a3.jpg b2104a4.jpg
    Plant 2
    b2104b1.jpg b2104b2.jpg b2104b3.jpg b2104b4.jpg
    Plant 3
    b2104c1.jpg b2104c2.jpg b2104c3.jpg b2104c4.jpg
    . . . and FD.
    b2104f1.jpg b2104f2.jpg b2104f3.jpg b2104f4.jpg
    Group shot
  12. Hey guys n gals.

    Been a bit hectic of late and got a bit slack with pics.

    I ended up chopping plant 1 as it was the smallest and was more mature than the others. It's currently drying getting ready to cure.

    I'll get pics up of the remaining plants tonight hopefully.
  13. Hey all.
    Circumstance driven, I ended up chopping them down on day 63 (week 9, day 7) of flower.
    I would really like to have given them another week, but I'm fairly happy with the way they finished up after trimming it all up. Wow, what a job. I got 2 quart sized jars 2/3 full of bud trim, and another jar that's 3/4 full of popcorn buds in my freezer ready for the iso wash treatment, and maybe some budder.
    I will get pics and yield up once it's done drying.
  14. Hey everyone.

    Just thought I'd let you all know, my dry yield for this grow was 190 grams.

    Plant 1 yielded the least. I'm not sure if it was the pheno or that position in the room got less circulation.

    Plants 2 and 3 seemed to mature later. And freaky deaky finished pretty strong. I think she was of similar pheno to plant one, but I think the 50/50 coco and perlite mix made the difference there.

    Pics to come.

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