First post. Favorite munchies?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by freakmonkey1423, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone I just wanted to introduce myself to the neighborhood. :wave:In school, they always made the kids go around and tell something about themselves so I will say my favorite munchie food is cheetoes, whats yours?
  2. i have to go with lucky charms man

    welcome to GC!! sorry that no ones responding. This topic has been argued a couple times before

    +rep for the new guy!!!
  3. hey welcome to GC. If you go to the forums main page you'll see like all the different categories. This thread should probably be in the "general" forum. But no worries we've all done the same.


    EDIT: my favorite munchies are Whitecastle burgers. 30 seconds to make 2, it's heavenlike.
  4. hell yeah those are great. i like this snack mix shit called munchies. its damn good.
  5. Lol, you stuck in middle school or something?

    But mine will be Salt & Vinegar potato chips.
  6. the regular one is good but there isnt enough cheddar pieces so I always go with the cheddar version :D that shit is good
  7. Sorry, I must have missed the general forum. But hey, munchies are common durring recreational use so you godda give me that.
  8. Yea man cheddar cheese munchies are fuckin killer:hello:. Damn i wish i had some left
  9. some nice baby back ribs.
  10. snickers, chips and salsa, cheetoes
  11. Welcome my friend hope you r enjoing your stay, HAHA! I love Doritos, always have always will. :D JOE>
  12. Ben & Jerry's: Cherry Garcia
  13. welcome to the city! :wave:
  14. brownies! gotta have sumptin to drink too! um, lessee... dammit... milk! ya, milk is good with brownies

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