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    Hey! my name is Gina and this is my first post on this forum, im almost 21 years old and has been thinking about what i should do with my life  since im all oh so grown,lol so where should we start, im trying to move to Colorado !, not because its legal and all that, i am, repeat, i am a cannabis enthusiast . i do not take it as a dangerous substance... its natural and god made it. ( god buddha allah. etc) i would never take it for granted.. i am hoping somebody will reply to this. so if anyone started out like me wanting to educate themselves about the medicinal field of nature please feel free to reply back! :love:


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  2. :wave:
    Welcome to the city...:)
    Hope you enjoy it here...:cool:
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  3. welcome to the city. im sure youll enjoy your time here, a great community with tons of information. if youre looking for medicinal references as a cannabis advocate, some notable threads include storm crows ever growing list of references and studies, with well over a thousand categorized studies
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  4. Granny's list is amazing, definitely worth checking that out. Are you interested in growing it? Or just a toker ?

    knives heated dull red
    release sweet smoky nectar
    I am lifted high
  5. Hello Gina. I'm almost 21 too. I want to move Colorado too but for me it is because it's legal. I want to get into the biz some day. Maybe nothing full time unless I make a lot of money at it and can quit my day job.

    Like nomad said check out Granny's List>

    The person who posts the lists on GC is @[member="Storm Crow'] but you can Google it. 
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  6. @[member="nomad881"] both of course ! &@[member="Nerd139"] haha your lucky you dont live in maryland. it sucks. ! ive tried looking for people to maybe come down there as a roomate because rent is so cheap with such beautiful houses and of course im looking for regular jobs until i know exactly what to do to  work in a dispensary itll be so fast for me to learn because my life is destined to be with it ! lol  :yay:
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  7. Y'know if I saw this comment last year I would have been like "You looking for a roommate? Im looking to move out of my mom's place" but alas it is this year and I wont be moving away from mother anytime soon. Just bought a house with her so I'm going nowhere fast.

    I figure my life is with the herb too. There was a time last year(again) I was going to grow and have a buddy sell for me but he is a major dick. Asked him to help pay for supplies and seeds and he didnt do that so I said id pay for everything if eh could get the seeds and he never did that. Then one day he stopped returning my messages. AN asshole and unreliable.

    Haven't given up on it though. One day hopefully.

    Btw have you checked out the forum rules yet? If you havent you should. You seem nice and this site is awesome so I wouldnt want yo banned for saying or posting something you shouldnt have. Really the only rules I remember are no talking about pets/animals getting high, no nudity unless it's in the artist corner, no talking about hooking up(meeting up and doing transactions and such), and no discussion of doing other drugs. Oh and no animated image in signature.
  8. I can't seem to find it. Once again I am new to this so bare with me. I can curse lol but can't give out personal information or bully someone or skank myself out. Got it lol p

    I gave that a skim my first go around
    Well I think the personal information stuff is to protect you and discourage law enforcement from screwing with members and the site.

    I looked up your profile pic and I got porn hits. Not saying you cant have that profile pic but I am thinking that image is from a porn video. Just a heads up haha.
  10. What ? I'm fully dressed and you think it's from a porn lol. Idk what kind of porn there is out today but covering skin and not looking like a crazy hoe is pretty provocative lol -_-
  11. This  pst pic.png
  12. Lol. That's weird. Really weird. Not even porn hits. Tumblr links. Lol
  13. Yeah I noticed like immediately after I posted the image and then I was like "I bet she'll notice too but whatever I'll keep it there for conversation." Still porn though. Just porn on Tumblr. There is a lot more porn on Tumblr than I think most people realize. "If you build it they will cum" ;)  :ey:

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