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    My Name is Gina​
    Im almost 21 in March​
    and i posted a duplicate of the first one first but i guess i can put another one up before the first !. ​
    i am a cannabis enthusiast , which i would love to express yet i cannot,​
    i reside in Maryland the most worst weather, boringest state in the united states, with crazy ass people & no such social life.​
    i love computers to death.​
    and i will become a it person or yet a budtender
    so i must find a way or to learn the basics of becoming one, i would love to learn every step of the process.​
    i am blasian
    yes, ​
    half black,​
    half japanese. ​
    and im a Pisces. lol big dreamer. so im destined to become a great expert in this field, i just need input and advice!. so i came and joined this cute little forum and hopefully my knowledge will grow profusely in a matter of weeks and time!. ​
    i would like to thank anyone who had or has given me advice, im sure i will use good use for it!.​


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